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An Elven Diary: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #1

An Elven Diary: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #1

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An Elven Diary: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #1

760 pages
11 hours
May 30, 2016


An Elven Diary set about in the tree tops of modern day Texas and follows three teenage elf girls through their high school years. Their high school is like a human high school, except magic is taught here. With magic; there is both good and bad.

The trio: Saphiera, Amy and Gretchen. Each must navigate their way through typical high school life. The difference between them and the rest of the school? They each have a secret; one of which could mean the end to her life.          

While wading through high school and discovering secrets, other things happen- bad people with bad intentions come out from the shadows…and the lime light.

Enter Lord Crawford; a member of the Elven Parliament, who has both money and power. But how does Lord Crawford tie in with the three girls?

~ Age: 16+ ~

May 30, 2016

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An Elven Diary - Matt Deckman

An Elven Diary – Table of Contents


Copyright @ 2016 Matthew B. Deckman All Rights Reserved.

Distribution is only through channels on this website and CreateSpace, a print-on-demand company.

The story line gets progressively darker and more mature. Contains language, scenery and adults topics.


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An Elven Diary

By Matthew Deckman

Chapter 1

Saphiera… someone said as they shook her shoulders.

She swatted their hands away, just five more minutes.

Saphiera, come on, get up. You don’t want to be late for your first day of high school, do you?

She sat up and rubbed her eyes, No… still drowsy from sleep.

The bothersome person who woke Saphiera up from her joyful slumber was Serenity, her older sister. Saphiera glared at Serenity until she left the room. Saphiera dragged herself out of bed and went through her middle school routine. She put on one of her favorite pink dresses, one of five she had gotten over the summer, that was light, playful, nice looking, and casual. She combed her hair, wearing it down as usual. This gave her bangs that hid her forehead. Her hair was quite long as it reached just below her mid back; however, it was an odd color that stood out in crowds. It was light blue color, odd for an elf. After she was ready, she gathered her school bag and headed out to the kitchen.

Good morning Saphiera, her mom greeted cheerfully.

Morning Mom, she replied then glanced at her sister, Morning sis.

Morning Saphiera, she smiled back, going back to her last minute homework, stuff she was assigned over the summer for her advanced class.

Her mom laid a plate of eggs and bacon in front of her when she sat down. She had to eat rather quickly, due to sleeping in.

After she finished her breakfast, she stole a quick look at her watch before heading off to school. It was 7:08 in the morning. She had a ten-minute walk ahead of her. On the way she would meet up with her two best friends, Amy and Gretchen. Saphiera realized she wasn’t in as much of a rush as she thought she was.

The best way to describe Amy was to say she was a bookworm. She always had some sort of book with her; as one of her passions was obviously reading. She was exceptionally smart and most of her classmates considered her a genius. Needless to say she got good grades, but had a bad habit of correcting people without knowing.

Gretchen was a different story. She tried to imitate the ‘goth’ style as she wore, black, black, and more black, from her hair down to her mid-calf boots, which were usually hidden by her black jeans. She said that to be goth meant to be anti-social, but she didn’t do such a good job at that. She was a very outgoing person, who would complete most dares. She was also a trouble maker. She had plenty of experience with detentions and had even been arrested. Saphiera and Amy had lost count as to how many times she’d gotten into trouble.

Amy was the first to meet up with Saphiera, Morning Amy.

Morning Saphiera. If Saphiera knew Amy well enough, which she did, Amy would ask for her schedule and line up which classes they shared. She liked to keep track of everything about her friends.

Saph, can I see your schedule? Amy asked then took Saphiera’s schedule once she had it out.

Saph, we only have three classes together…

Oh, that stinks. Which ones are they?

Science, Language Arts, and Herbs, I’ll help you with that class.

No thanks, that’s alright. My sister Serenity helped me big time over the summer with them.

Oh, she did?

Amy quickly quizzed Saphiera until Gretchen showed up. During that time, Saphiera only got one question wrong. She had been horrible with Herbs, their names, and purposes. Serenity had tutored Saphiera during the summer to the point where Saphiera was her equal. Saphiera doubted it because she had never been good with technicality, she was more of the practical type, where real life meets application.

Hey Amy, Saph, Gretchen greeted them as they walked.

Hey Gretchen, how was your summer…besides…you know? Amy asked her enthusiastically, quickly remembering an attempted robbery incident that had nearly landed Gretchen in jail over the summer.

Gretchen sighed before replying, It was alright, still grounded because of it, and I don’t want either of you saying anything about it, got it?

Yeah, sure, no problem, Amy replied nervously.

About what, Saphiera replied, giving her an innocent face then sticking her tongue out. Gretchen groaned in response.

After another few minutes of walking and catching up the trio came upon the school. Since they had a few minutes, Amy borrowed Gretchen’s schedule to Gretchen's annoyance.

Ok good, we all have science together. I have history with Gretchen, and you have P.E. with Saph, Amy informed them a little too cheerfully.

Gretchen simply smirked, knowing she would dominate the P.E. class. Gretchen was the athlete in the group.

They were about to walk up the stairs when Lesley Nickelson, the one they called ‘Ms. Slut,’ came prancing down the stairs and stopped a few above them.

"Well, well, well, if isn’t it the freak of the school, the bookworm, and the goth oh wait, that’s right! You have a new title now…Ms. Attempted Robbery," Lesley said in a cheerful yet sneering voice. Saphiera raised a brow, wondering how Lesley was able to pull off that tone of voice.

Several students around gasped. Gretchen’s eyes widened, then narrowed as she clenched her fists, Shut it Lesley…

Make me, you wannabe goth!

At that, Gretchen’s hair started to rise and an eerie red wispy glow was starting to form around her.

Gretchen, calm down… Amy started, but was quickly interrupted by Lesley.

That’s right, Gretchen, calm down. You don’t want to get into a fight…

Gretchen immediately ceased her magic summoning, but kept her fists clenched. It was well known that if Gretchen got into any more serious trouble at school, she’d be thrown into juve for a few months, tarnishing her record permanently. So she had to try and control her temper, which to say wasn’t easy with the way Lesley treated her, harping on her about something every day.

At that moment, the rest of Lesley’s cult came out and gathered behind her. The warning bell also rang. Saphiera realized she needed to resolve this quarrel quickly.

Common Gretchen, Amy, let’s go… Saphiera nudged them along.

That’s right freak; run away! Help your pathetic wannabe goth friend!

Saphiera had to quickly catch Gretchen’s arm before she launched herself at Lesley, Come on, it’s not worth it.

Lesley attempted another comeback, but failed miserably. The trio separated after entering the lobby area.

Saphiera had just reached her first class when the boy of her dreams, Noah, came over to her.

Hey Saphiera, how are you?

Usually girls froze up when he talked to them, but Saphiera was able to stay calm and actually talk with him, which he liked.

Hey Noah, I’m fine, how about yourself? she replied.

I’m alright, thanks for asking. How was your summer?

My summer was…alright. Yours?

My summer was fine as well. Nice dress, he said nodding to the dress.

Thanks, I love it… The bell rang, Later Noah, class.

Have fun, if possible. See ya later, he said, flashing his perfect white teeth. She blushed while she walked in, remembering the comment about her dress.

Saphiera fell asleep during math since the teacher was forced to start from the beginning, as the other students did not do their work over the summer. The teacher took notice and waited until the end of class. When it was over he asked them to leave quietly. Once gone, he slammed a ruler across a desk. It startled Saphiera, making her jump and shriek. She tried to apologize for falling asleep, only to realize the classroom was empty.

It’s quite alright. I noticed you became bored in the middle of class and assumed you knew the material for today, so I let you sleep. Just don’t do it again.

Ok, she said and exited the room quickly.

When she arrived in science class, she spotted Amy and Gretchen. She headed over to them and started chatting as if she had been there for the entire conversation. When the teacher came in and started writing rules and such on the board, Amy was already taking notes. The class went on for an hour before Saphiera went to Herbs. Amy followed, but Gretchen went elsewhere.

They were about to enter the room when someone shrieked. When they found the source they saw Gretchen and Lesley. Lesley’s hair was starting to turn from blonde to a dull lime green with brown shades and dry, tacky texture. Amy stood there stunned, but Saphiera rushed over knowing this could escalate very quickly. Saphiera threw a magic canceling spell at Gretchen that would halt any magic use for a few moments. That’s if she didn’t use her black magic.

What the hell Saphiera?! Gretchen snapped at Saphiera.

What the hell? What the hell is that I just stopped you from getting into any more trouble or have you forgotten what will happen? Saphiera lectured, ignoring Gretchen’s attitude.

Saphiera knelt down next to Lesley, Calm down, all Gretchen used was an illusion technique. It’s nothing but child’s play, so you could allow me to lift the illusion now or go through more hassle than necessary.

Lesley stopped for a moment, hinting for Saphiera to start. It took only a few seconds to lift the spell.

See, no more than an illusion, Saphiera stood. Lesley mumbled something then walked off. Saphiera sighed and walked away.

Again, what the hell, Saph? Gretchen snapped at Saphiera when they were away from the crowd.

I just saved your butt from trouble, and stopped any retaliation her friends may have had, that’s what. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have Herbs, Saphiera went to her next class.

During Herbs, Saphiera and Amy talked quietly. They talked about what they did over summer. Amy explained she had studied what they would be learning this year, giving her a huge advantage over everybody. It was very typical for her as she did this every year. She also studied stuff related, but not included in the school’s curriculum. Her end goal after high school and college was to become a healer like her grandmother, who had extensive knowledge in all areas of medicine. According to her grandmother, only a few people have ever achieved such a status.

After Herbs was over, all three girls met up outside for their break. It was gossip time for them about Gretchen’s trouble this past summer. Saphiera was pretty curious since she had heard several rumors and wanted to get the facts straight.

Once they were settled and started eating, Saphiera glanced over to Gretchen. Calmly she asked. I’ve heard some rumors about what happened this summer and would like to get my facts right…would you mind telling us?

Just call it robbery, alright? Gretchen snapped. Both of them nodded.

What happened was my parents pissed me off. The prime minister was coming over and I wasn’t too thrilled about it. Gretchen and Saphiera looked over as Amy faltered in mid motion of eating her sandwich. She always told them she wasn't related, but they didn’t buy it.

What? Amy asked. For the last time, we’re not related. Jeez.

Whatever, Gretchen rolled her eyes and continued. Anyway, I was pissed and had no money. I didn’t feel like going back so I broke into a small corner shop. Little did I know they had a silent alarm system as I broke the window in the door. I needed something to eat and to relieve stress. At that time, I thought I could get away with some candy, and a pack of cigare…

What did you say? Saphiera scorned Gretchen.

I didn’t even finish the word… Gretchen said throwing her hands up in defense.

Doesn’t matter, I know what you were going to say. Don’t start a health harming habit because of stress. Do something productive, Saphiera glared at her as Gretchen mimicked her.

As I was saying, Gretchen continued, I broke in, grabbed some candy, a pack of cigarettes, and went for the register, thinking maybe they had some money. Saphiera shook her head.

After I managed to open the thing, I heard the cops and bailed towards the back door. Little did I know that they were already inside by the time I started running, because I was too involved with that damn register. By the time I got halfway down the hallway in the back, the whole world spun. The next thing I knew I was face down on the floor while my arms were forced behind my back. When I was able to comprehend what was going on, I was being dragged outside towards a cop carriage. I was driven to the station, and had to wait for the owner to show up. The next part took hours, so to make this part of the story short, all I got was community service, which I completed as the owner only decided to make me pay for the damages, which was only a few hundred dollars. That’s it.

Little did they know, Lesley was listening in. Lesley smirked as she thought up a scheme.

After break they went their separate ways. Saphiera had Spells next. She wished there were some intelligent people in the class because back in junior high, they hardly knew a thing. Some were so pathetic they couldn’t even perform a simple fire spell, which was the easiest of them all. It was fairly simple to conjure a flame, especially when the environment was altered for optimum performance.

Saphiera stepped through the doorway and nodded at the teacher. She glanced around and noticed the posters up about famous warlocks and inventors of different spells and magic laws. People started filling in a moment later. A high pitched voiced caught her attention. When she found the source, she wished she hadn’t looked in the first place. Saphiera started staring at her, wondering why she was in such a low level class, Lesley was a Junior.

Aww, freak, you staring at my beauty? Well too bad, because you’ll never be as gorgeous as me! Lesley raised her nose. Saphiera rolled her eyes.

Um, no, I was staring because I was wondering why a Junior was in a ninth grade class. This class is for intermediate spell casters. Shouldn’t a Junior like yourself be in a more advanced defense spells class?

…I…uh, want to make sure I have a concrete understanding of the basics… Lesley said nervously.

Saphiera guessed Lesley hated being doubted in the spotlight.

After a moment of thought she said, Wait, my sister is a Junior this year and she doesn’t have to review the basics…the only reason I could think you would need to take this class is if…you failed this class two years in a row? How did you manage that?

Who's is your sister?

Serenity Lylack.

Guess ugliness runs in the family.

Still doesn’t explain why you’ve failed two years in a row… Saphiera said in a sing song voice, taunting Lesley.

The teacher beckoned everyone to their seats and class began. The teacher caught Lesley talking gossip to other girls several times, and after the fifth time, she gave up on even trying to get Lesley to pay attention. Saphiera took notes the entire class. Everything she did in school was all towards her dream of becoming an Elite Spell Casting Elf, AA class. The time, energy and knowledge required to become one was four years of high school, learning the basics and another 4 years afterwards solely on intense physical, and spell training.

Spell class ended right when the bell sounded. After Spells was History followed by Language Arts. Saphiera remembered Amy was in this class, but it didn’t stop the two from falling asleep. Of course, the teacher gave both a startling wake-up call when he blew a whistle in between them. They both jumped sky high, giving the class a good laugh and embarrassing Amy. Afterwards, the bell rang sending Saphiera off to P.E.

Physical education in 9th grade was merely to build up endurance and magical ability. Gretchen and Saphiera met up and ran together. They both had the best endurance of the class and easily pulled away from the rest. A small group of boys showed off and ran ahead. Of course, this didn’t sit well with Gretchen. She took off after them. Saphiera just kept at her normal pace. Close to the ending of the class, Saphiera came upon the group that had passed her earlier. All were breathing heavily. Gretchen was up ahead, but at a slower pace.

Tired are we? Saphiera teased her.

Oh…shut…up…Saph… she said in between breaths.

Saphiera gave Gretchen at tip when they were back in the locker room. Endurance is the key. Sprinting only lasts for a short while, running lasts a little longer while a steady jog wins the race. You may be better at sports, but that’s only in the moment…

Once school let out at 2:30 pm, Saphiera hurried home by herself. Once there, she laid papers for her mother to fill out on the table, changed into clothes for work and put her hair up. She headed towards the local nursery where she helped cultivate herbs. That’s where Saphiera learned all her knowledge of herbs, with her sister’s help. Serenity helped with filing paper work that went along with the plants.

On the way to the nursery there was a popular café where many students hung out. The real problem was that Lesley hung out there most of the time, and unfortunately for Saphiera, they both caught each other in their sights.

EEEK, come on! You should at least have some decency in my presenc…

Lesley, shut up, I’m going to be late for work, Saphiera cut in, then hurried along.

Excuse me, but I was…Hey, come back here, I’m talking to you! Lesley yelled as Saphiera continued to walk away. She paused for a second then, At least I don’t have to work! She yelled after Saphiera.

Yeah, I know. Only spoiled rich people don’t have to work. Saphiera yelled over her shoulder. The crowd around her started to snicker. She must have missed the spoiled part.

Yeah, that’s right bitch, RICH people.

You missed the entire insult, didn’t you? someone nearby asked as they continued to laugh.

Lesley just stood there, dumbfounded.

When Saphiera reached the nursery, she quickly got to work. She put on her apron and pushed Lesley’s stupidity out of her mind. She had a lot of work to do, being so close to Autumn. She needed to move the baby plants from outside to inside. When 6:30 came around, she took her break. Once 7:30 arrived, she headed home in silence, thinking things over. That was until Noah noticed her passing by the café and decided to join her. She tried to keep her irritation and frustration hidden when he joined her.

Hey Saphiera, how’s it going?

Fine, yourself?

I’m alright. Where you headed?


Ah. What’s with all the dirt? he asked noticing the dirt stains on her clothing.

I work at the local nursery.

Oh, I see. Want a drink or something?

No thanks, just heading home. I'm a bit tired.

Oh, ok. Mind if I walk with you?

No, not at all.


They talked about their first day of school; it had been her first day of high school and his first day of junior year. The walk was incredibly short and they felt as if they didn’t get to say that much. Saphiera started to blush at the end of the conversation and was thankful that it was dark out. Once they arrived at her house, he said goodnight and left. She stared after him for a few seconds, as a smile crept onto her lips. She went inside, talked with her mother for a few minutes before grabbing a shower. After she stepped out, she laid down on her bed and listened to some music.

It was her cool down time. After about 20 minutes there was a knock on her door. She called out to let them know it was alright to come in.

Hey kiddo, Serenity said, Just want to say ‘Hi’ from Noah.

Saphiera raised a brow.

I think he may like you. There are definitely obvious signs.

Saphiera just made a face saying ‘I’m sure he does’.

He’s using me to get to you, but I’m in support of young love and the first hint is denial, especially on the girl’s part, Serenity teased. She quickly raised her arm to block the pillow Saphiera threw at her.

There’s no way would Noah like me. I’m not popular or even near the upper rankings of the student society, Saphiera raised a brow and tilted her head.

Keep quiet, he likes you. Besides that, there isn’t another guy that I would let date you.

That you know of.

There aren’t any, period.

There was a slight pause as Saphiera fidgeted. Say he does like me; would he pass your inspection?

Already does. He’s A+ boyfriend material, she chose her words carefully.

Saphiera looked at her sister oddly. She tried to figure out what Serenity meant by the ‘already does’ part.

Already does; as in passing or...as in likes me? Saphiera asked.

Not telling.

Oh come on Serenity! Tell me! Saphiera moved to the edge of her bed.

Nope, talk to you later, homework beckons! she said in a sing song voice as she quickly left the room.

Humph Saphiera pouted, wanting to know. She thought about if he did happen to like…nah, wouldn’t happen. He has Lesley who is hot, though she’s a complete bitch. She thought for a few more moments until there was another knock on the door. This time it was her mother.

Saphiera, your school papers are filled out and on the kitchen table.

Thanks mom.

Boy trouble?

No, Serenity was just being a pain the butt, the usual.

I resent that! Serenity retorted as she passed Saphiera's room on the way to back to her room.

Well it’s true!

Oh hush you two. Serenity, can you spare a moment?

Serenity followed her mother to the kitchen, closing Saphiera’s door. Of course Saphiera snuck out to hear what they talked about.

Serenity, see what you can do at the nursery. It’s approaching quickly. Saphiera did some quick math in her head, and realized that the damn moon was going to come out and soon.

Saphiera thought back as far as she could remember. She was so screwed up. Every time she had stared at the full moon, even for only a short while, she would transform. Her eyes turned a greyish color, nearly silver. Her body mass and size increased slightly. Her muscle tone increased and her canine’s grew in length, long enough to spill just over her lower lip. It was the classical transformation; she kind of wished it was original. What was dangerous was that if the full moon was still somewhat visible during the day, she would still transform.

There had only been a few accidents where things had happened. There was an accident at school where she started changing and Serenity had to take her away. Other times there was just property damage and she would help repair it, even though they had no idea she was the one who destroyed it.

She slipped back into bed and waited for the 24-hour isolation to begin. This time it happened to land on a Friday. Her friends asked her why she had been absent and she gave the same old excuse of not feeling well. By this time, Amy had grown to suspect something but couldn’t confront Saphiera until she had rock solid proof. The first time Amy tried, Saphiera became a little more than upset. Some people thought it was Saphiera’s monthly thing, as it happened once a month.

A few weeks passed and every night that Saphiera worked Noah would walk home with her. They would talk for a few minutes. He figured out when she got off work and took advantage of it. Saphiera found out they shared numerous interests, what surprised her the most was when she found out that he wasn’t too fond of Lesley. She thought he liked Lesley, from all the times he was around her. Instead he found her irritating since she cared only for her social image. He bet money that some guy somewhere was going to completely change her. Saphiera took him up on that bet.

Noah had also wondered why Saphiera had been absent and she used the same excuse with him, that she hadn’t been feeling too well. He asked again when she was absent the next month, getting the same answer but still didn’t look into it. She hoped that he would figure it’s her time of the month and leave it at that, she really didn't want to have to come up with anything else.

Chapter 2

The season shifted to winter as everything got colder; the leaves had fallen, and today was the first day of November. The next day was Saturday, the day of the full moon. It was the absolute worst day for Saphiera for the full moon to fall on as she couldn’t spend as much time with her friends.

Damn, tomorrow is going to suck… Saphiera muttered to herself, drawing her knees close.

What’s going to suck about tomorrow?

The fact that I can’t leave my house, and probably not my room… Saphiera answered without really thinking. Only after a moment did she realize what she said and looked up to see who asked the question. She was relieved to see that it was only Gretchen and not Amy. Amy would have given an inquisition.

Oh, nothing, never mind.

Gretchen raised her eyebrow, Ok…

Hey Gretchen, Saphiera, what’s up? Amy said.

Nothing much, Saphiera’s just mumbling again, Gretchen said.

About what? Amy asked.

Something about tomorrow is going to suck and she won’t be able to leave her house, Gretchen answered, much to Saphiera’s dismay.

Oh really? How come? Amy asked as Saphiera stood and walked away. She went to her locker and happened to pass Noah. She ignored him as he asked what was wrong. He could clearly see something was upsetting her.

Noah walked up to Gretchen and Amy, knowing they were Saphiera’s best friends. Hey girls, what’s up?

Nothing much, what do you want Noah? Gretchen asked. Amy shrugged her shoulders.

What’s with Saphiera? She seems irritated, Noah asked.

Um… not sure. Either she has a lot on her mind or she’s annoyed, Amy answered.

Annoyed? About what? Noah asked.

I told Amy that she was mumbling again, Gretchen stated.

Yeah, and she was annoyed that you told me. Amy replied.

Mumbling? What about? Noah asked.

That she wasn’t going to be leaving her house all day tomorrow and that it would suck. Gretchen answered.

Ok…? Noah raised a brow.

You like Saphiera, go to her house and ask her what’s bugging her, Amy recommended and jotted down Saphiera’s address.

Noah blushed slightly, as he accepted the paper, even though he didn’t need Saphiera’s address then waved to the girls as he left.

That night Saphiera had her bedroom window open. She was looking outside, anywhere and everywhere but the sky. She could do this only for so long without accidently looking up at the moon. It was slightly cloudy, but it wouldn’t be for long. The news was calling for clear skies that night.

She started to shut the window when a hand was thrust in between them. She jumped and yelped from the sudden appearance.

Mind if I join you? asked Noah.

Son-of-a…! You scared me! Did I crush your fingers, she asked as she re-opened the window.

The bedroom door opened, Everything alright Saphiera? Serenity asked, then spotted Noah. Aww the love birds…hey! She closed the door to block the thrown pillow. Chill child! I was just asking what was going on…

We’re not love birds. Second, I thought I smashed his fingers when I went to close the window.

Sure, that’s what they all say, Serenity snickered. Noah just leaned against the window frame. He was observing the sisters fighting and started to chuckle to himself at the entertainment.

Just get out Serenity, Saphiera growled.

Fine, wear protection! Serenity laughed and left. Saphiera couldn’t control her blushing this time. It was difficult for Noah to control his chuckles, letting a few out here and there. Despite that, he was starting to blush.

She turned to Noah, Oh shut it, you don’t have to live with her.

Sorry, I just find it funny, that’s all. After a few moments, Noah regained his composure.

Wow, it’s a gorgeous night out, full moon and everything, Noah commented while Saphiera sat on her bed, hands over her face.

Wait… full moon? What time is it?

Um…like 11, according to your clock…

Saphiera looked at some papers on her desk, No, its not supposed to be out for another 2 hours…Sorry, but you have to leave…like now… She went to close the window again.

Wait, I didn’t get to ask you… Noah started. Saphiera stopped mid-motion.

Oh no, is he going to ask me out? She wondered.

How come you were annoyed today, you hardly get annoyed with anything.

Not what I was expecting…Oh, um… because I won’t be able to leave the house tomorrow and probably not my room…wait… you have to go…I need to get to bed!

Oh, you have a curfew, Noah started snickering again.

No it’s not that, it’s just…never mind, just go already, please!

It’s a Friday night, relax and stay up a little bit longer.

She considered it for a moment. Have a nice friendly chat with the guy I like, at my bedroom window, un-disturbed, but increasing the risk of looking at the moon. She weighed the pros and cons and consequences for another minute.

Wow, she has really long and pretty hair, and her ears are slim and smooth, none like I’ve ever seen, Noah thought.

Fine, but not for long.

Ok, fine with me, he turned to look at the sky.

So what’s up in the world of Noah? Saphiera asked, trying idle chit chat.

Nothing much, I was just curious why you were annoyed, and wanted to spend some time with you.

Saphiera tried not to blush, even after 30 seconds. Was Serenity right? No, couldn’t be.

You’re blushing… he noticed, which made her blush even more.

Heh, your bright red now, did I embarrass you? Noah chuckled.

She glared at him, No…

A snappy retort, you’re in denial…

He’s good at reading people Saphiera thought.

You thought I was stupid right? I pretend not to be as smart as I am. Otherwise, Lesley would never leave me alone. I’m also good at reading people’s facial expressions, he laughed.

Crap! I’m screwed…he’s going to figure out how I feel about him…SHIIIT!

Wow, the moon is really awesome, check it out… Noah mentioned.

She completely forgot that this night was transformation night, and looked up. She felt a twitch in her gums, which snapped her back to reality. She muttered a few obscenities.

She shoved Noah away, GO HOME NOW! SERENITY!!! Within a matter of seconds, Serenity burst into the room and went straight to Saphiera’s night stand. Saphiera slammed the window shut, locked it, and pulled the drapes down. Saphiera could hardly move the way she wanted to by this time. Serenity dragged her body away from the window, and cuffed her hands and feet together. At this point in time her conscious mind had been pushed back and her instincts took over.

Noah was outside the window within seconds after Saphiera yelled for Serenity, What is wrong? SLAM! The window was shut, What’s going on? He saw silhouettes of Saphiera in a struggle as though she was getting tied up.

What are you doing to Saphiera?

The windows opened up, and Serenity burst her head out, Noah, you have to go home, NOW. Forget what you saw here tonight!

I can’t just forget…

You have to or keep everything here a classified, top secret, or whatever. Otherwise I will personally perform a memory spell…

You can’t, its illegal, and you don’t….

Noah, I may appear that I can’t, but I can and will. Trust me on this. NOW GO HOME! Serenity said then closed the windows once more.

Noah left, very confused. Serenity returned to Saphiera, who was now growling, and struggling to get free of the handcuffs. Serenity climbed onto the bed, and curled up next to Saphiera, putting an arm around her, and holding her head against her shoulder. The shutters closed and blinds drawn with magic.

Shhh, it’s alright, just relax and calm down, Serenity tried to sooth Saphiera who was thrashing violently against her. Serenity levitated a leather belt over and put it in Saphiera’s mouth for her to bite down on.

Relax Saph, relax… Serenity continued to try and calm Saphiera as she would do so until Saphiera fell asleep.

Saphiera woke up in complete and utter darkness and found that she was bound by her hands and feet. She realized that there was a flash light strapped to her wrist. The clock glowed and read 11 am on the dot. She figured she had transformed yet again. She found a note that explained what happened with the flashlight.


You transformed again, but I managed to calm you down and waited till you fell asleep, but that wasn’t until about 1 a.m. I’m sorry you transformed… especially when you were having what seemed like a nice conversation with Noah. I’m especially sorry for that. If he confronts you, simply tell him it’s a personal issue, and if he persists, direct him towards me, and I will take care of it. Anyway, mom is off to work, an emergency, but hey she’s getting paid extra. ^___^.

I’ll be at the nursery to make sure everything gets done before winter in my wing. We’ve provided you with a cooler in the corner next to the door. Have as good of a day as you can and I will see you tomorrow.



Oh God, I hope she doesn’t perform a memory charm on him. Hell, I hope it doesn’t come to that. Now he’s going to think of me as a freak! She exclaimed to no one in particular

Saphiera searched for the keys and found that they were attached to the letter itself with tape. She was able to unlock the cuffs without much difficulty. Once she was done, she grabbed a water bottle from the cooler then turned on a fan. It was going to get very uncomfortable very fast.

Saphiera laid on the floor and at about 1:00, after thinking about multitudes of controversial topics for several hours, she heard a spell being released.

Hey Saphiera, you in there? called a female voice.

Who is it, and why are you in my house?

It’s Amy, and I have Gretchen, as well as a friend…

Who’s the friend? Saphiera asked.


Why did you bring Noah?

Noah spoke this time, Well, because one, you rudely shoved me out and two, you and Serenity were panicked. What’s going on?

Saphiera rolled her eyes. Great, they were poking and prodding around in something dangerous.

It’s a personal issue. If you have a problem with that response, take it up with my sister. That’s all you’re getting out of me.

They stayed silent for a minute.

Ok, no problem Saphiera, Amy answered.

What do you mean no problem? From what Noah said, her and her sister went nuts! Gretchen snapped.

Yes, but if it’s a personal issue and she doesn’t want us to know, we have to respect that. As friends…and as a boyfriend and girlfriend! Amy started laughing at the last part.

We are not boyfriend and girlfriend! Saphiera quickly retorted.

Not yet, but it’s clearly obvious that both of you like each other. Gretchen pointed out.

Saphiera was glad she was in the dark and on the other side of the door because she knew she wouldn’t be able to control her blushing in a moment.

See, Noah’s blushing. There’s no hiding it! Gretchen proved her point.

Even I can see it, and there is evidence to back it up. Amy said, pushing it further.

Can we at least come in and talk, instead of talking through a hole in the bottom of your door and looking like idiots? Noah asked.

Saphiera thought for a moment, If you do, it must remain completely dark…

Fine by me, Noah answered.

Once they were in Saphiera’s room they closed the door. Saphiera felt the bed shift, which clued her in to someone sitting on it.

Who’s on the bed? Saphiera asked.

Me. Noah answered.

We’re on the floor. Gretchen commented.

Amy conjured up a white light sphere, giving off a very soft light.

There, soft light like the moon..., Amy started. Saphiera interrupted her by waving a hand over it and transformed it to something similar to a black light. Any white lit up like fire in a cave.

Um why did you do that and, your tank top is glowing Saph, Gretchen informed her. Of course Saphiera had forgotten she put one on. Amy stayed silent, squinting at Saphiera, trying to piece things together. From Saphiera’s facial expression alone, Amy knew she wasn’t getting anything more from her.

Noah did something that probably none of them expected. He held his hand over the black light sphere and transformed it into an incandescent light, giving off plenty of light.

Better. More light, no after affects, he whispered.

There was an awkward moment of silence before Amy went over to Saphiera’s book shelf and started to look at the spine labels.

What are you doing? Gretchen asked, There’s hardly enough light as it is to read.

She could either increase the amount of light given off by the sphere, the only side effect of that would be more heat. Or she could be using a night vision type of charm. Noah explained.

Bingo, the latter of the two. Amy waved her pointer finger as if dinging a bell.

She found a book and pulled it off the shelf. It was old and slightly dusty. She began to look through it.

Why did you guys even bother coming, we aren’t going to do anything, Saphiera said.

Because we care Saph, Gretchen shot at Saphiera. One of us more than the rest.

Enough with the whole Noah and I should get together thing, Saphiera snapped back.

NO! Now it’s my turn. Gretchen stood up and walked up to Saphiera, We both can see it, your enjoying this time with Noah, but your hiding behind something and using that to avoid the whole situation.

She kneeled down in front of Saphiera, cupped her face and looked her right in the eye. I wish you two would drop the whole act and give into to your feelings already. We both know you want to go out with each other. Hell all four of us…oooph.

Saphiera shoved her off onto the floor. She was now officially angry.

SHUT UP! Will you quit it already?! There is nothing between us. OK?! Saphiera shouted.

Gretchen looked hurt but she paid no heed to it.

Amy had stayed silent for the whole time, and now Saphiera remembered she was there. Saphiera looked over at her, still breathing heavily from her outburst. Noah hadn’t done anything except put his hand over his face.

Another moment passed before Amy spoke, Gretchen, Noah, I would like a moment with Saphiera alone…please.

Suites me just fine… Gretchen got up and walked out. Noah followed, not really wanting to leave quite yet.

Amy slid the desk chair in front of Saphiera and sat down.

Please sit. She said in a stern voice Saphiera had never heard before. In reality, it scared Saphiera so she obeyed.

I just did some research, quick stuff, nothing serious…

Saphiera interrupted her, You call that not serious? You combed…

Amy raised her hand to silence her. Enough. Light research. She paused a moment before continuing, What exactly happened last night?


"Don’t give me that bull shit! I want to know the truth NOW. Sooner or later I’m going to figure out what’s going on…"

Then use that brain of yours and do so, I’m not telling you anything besides it being a personal issue.

Fine, but consider not talking to us, or trying to hang out with us, until you’re ready to come clean. I can say that much for me and Gretchen, I don’t know about Noah. With that Amy stood, put the chair back and exited the room.

Saphiera waited out the rest of the time, thinking about what had taken place.

* * * * *

November passed as did December and January. It was now the beginning of February. Saphiera had not spoken to Amy or Gretchen since they had visited her. Noah continued to visit and walk with her though. From what Saphiera heard, Lesley was happy because the inseparable trio of the school was now at odds with each other.

Saphiera was sitting in the cafeteria when Amy and Gretchen came up to her.

Have you considered telling us yet? What this personal issue that your best friends can’t know of?

No, it’s too dangerous.

Yeah, just like you goth girl! First you not spilling, now it's the blue haired freak. You next four eyes? Lesley sneered, walking by.

Old news Lesley. Amy spat at Lesley.

Gretchen and Saphiera were taken-back, as well as Lesley, at Amy’s snippy attitude.

Where have you put the old Amy and is the new one here to stay? Gretchen asked.

God! Lesley is pathetic! No the old one is still here, just in a bad mood. Amy sighed, Anyway, what is so dangerous about your issue?

You’re not having a really bad period are you? Gretchen laughed. Both Saphiera and Amy glared at her.

Is this the only thing you’re going to talk to me about? Saphiera asked.


Saphiera stood then left. She didn’t want to hear it.

Saphiera made a quick decision, out of pure anger, to walk home. She quickly changed then went to a secluded place, near in the upper parts of the trees where she wouldn’t be disturbed. She stayed there until early evening.

Saphiera did this every time they brought the subject up, meaning this tantrum lasted through February, March, and most of April. Of course her mother and sister weren't happy about it, especially the first time, but became used to it after the fourth or fifth time. Her mother was furious when Saphiera finally come home, but Saphiera ignored her and kept to herself in her room. Serenity and her mother assumed this behavior was linked to the transformation a few months past and decided, against better judgment, to let it run its course.

April’s transformation day passed with ease, as she went to bed early that day. The May full moon was fast approaching, in fact, less than 24 hours. She was looking out her bedroom window when she saw Noah walking down the road.

Evening Saph, he called up.

Hey, what’s up? she asked, clearly bored.

Nice night huh? Noah asked.

Yeah, whatever… Saphiera rolled her eyese

Look, can we just get over this little grudge or whatever it is? Noah asked.

I’m not the one holding a grudge, you three are! Saphiera snapped.

It’s not a grudge, it’s…I don’t know… but it’s not a grudge.

Great excuse, Einstein. Saphiera rolled her eyes.

Serenity or your mom home?

No, they’re trusting me enough tonight, Saphiera answered. With that, Noah jumped the window frame and into her room.

What in God’s name are you doing? she asked in surprise and fell back onto her bed.

Coming in of course. Noah smirked.

What is he going to do? She thought.

Relax, I’m not going to do anything, he moved and sat next to her.

After a few minutes of a semi-comfortable silence, he spoke, Why don’t you want to tell us what was wrong? You really scared me that night when you freaked out like that. I had, and still have, no idea what was going on. I know it’s not your period.

And its better that you guys didn’t know. I’m sorry I scared you, but it’s a secret. I can’t tell anyone. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it has to be, Saphiera tried to explain.

Ok. I guess there is nothing I can do to get it out of you, is there? Noah asked.

Not really. Yeah right, there are plenty of things… She thought. Noah could tell she was lying but decided it best not to push her.

They sat in silence for another few minutes, just watching the cloudy sky. She laid down on her bed, he did the same. Whatever movement she made, he followed. She glared at him, he returned a smile.

When she was about to fall asleep he asked, Would you be willing to show me what it is?

She sat up and had to think through her drowsy mind.

No. Now can we please drop it?

Yeah, sorry.

After an awkward moment of silence, the strangest question popped into Saphiera’s head, Noah…


Why don’t you like Lesley? she asked.

Where do I begin? Noah replied. She chuckled at his response.

First, she’s annoying as anything. Two, she thinks she’s better than everyone, quite literally everyone. Three, she treats everyone like dirt. Four, but this may not be much of a reason, but she sucks at school, her grades are abismal. She’s more concerned about her appearance than her grades and life in general. She thinks that daddy will support her through life, Noah explained shaking his head in disgust

She really thinks that? Saphiera said raising a brow.

Yes, I asked her.

Heh. Saphiera chuckled.

Another thing, and it’s a dirty little secret, she’s claimed that she’s slept with every football player… Noah said flatly.

She gasped and rolled onto her knees, What? Are you serious? she asked starring at him in disbelief.

Yep. Why do you think I refuse to try out for the football team? Noah laughed.

Makes sense.

Saphiera finally felt sleepy again and laid down. She glanced at the clock. It read about 11:30 pm, I think you should get going home…

Why? Noah asked.

It’s 11:30, Saphiera said.

I gave my dad the excuse I was at a friend’s house, which I am, Noah shrugged his shoulders.

That’s the last thing she heard before she fell asleep. The next thing she heard was a click of a camera.

What the hell? she muttered, confused from being disturbed out of her awesome sleep.

Well, we thought it was appropriate since the love birds slept together at the girl’s house…

It took Saphiera a few seconds to figure out what the speaker meant. She was being a bit of a slow poke that morning.

She opened her eyes and saw Noah right next to her, his eyes closed and still sleeping. She glanced around and saw Gretchen, Amy and Serenity.

What’s going on? Saphiera asked still trying to connect the dots.

You… Slept...With…Noah. Did…You…Use…Protection? Gretchen said nice and slow while Amy and Serenity were snickering, trying not to disturb Noah.

Her eyes went as wide as dinner plates as well as her face turned a deep shade of red. She pulled herself free from Noah’s arms, which happened to be very comfortable.

She sat up and buried her head in her hands and tried to stop anymore embarrassment from showing.

Yeah we did, Noah joked from her right. Dammit Noah… Saphiera thought.

Serenity couldn’t hold her laughter anymore and broke out laughing.

Shut up Serenity. How long have you three been here? Saphiera asked, still covering her face.

Well, Gretchen started, Your sister came back last night, and found you two snuggling at about 12:30. She called us this morning to come over. So we did. We came in to take the picture but Noah woke up. We told him to act like he was asleep, which he did, and I thank him for that. You on the other hand, didn’t until the camera went off, which I don’t know how that happened. The guy usually sleeps well after a night of sex.

Saphiera could feel Amy looking at her the whole time, with her arms crossed. She reached over and grabbed her watch to check the time. 10:45 AM Saturday.

Oh…Serenity, it’s Saturday, Saphiera stated. Serenity started regaining control of her laughing.

Yeah, I know, but it was just too priceless. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see my sister sleeping, Saphiera threw her a death glare.

Fine, snuggling with the guy she likes, Serenity finished.

Saphiera hid her face while it burned.

Noah’s face turned a little pink. Yes, she likes me back… he thought.

Mom and I decided that you can have your friends over and not be cooped up. Just don’t look.

Thanks, face still in her hands.

Amy was already thinking about it.

Serenity, you realize we have a computer in the room right? Saphiera commented.

What? We don’t own a computer. Serenity raised a brow, puzzled at this.

Saphiera pointed at Amy.

Oh, anyway, mom and I also decided it’s up to you now whether or not you share it with anybody. The past six or so months have been hell for you, as Amy and Gretchen haven’t been talking to you until now. It’s been breaking our hearts. That and your almost boyfriend was the only person visiting your bedroom window, Serenity explained.

That’s when Noah gave a slight blush.

Busted… At least you didn’t impregnate Saph. Gretchen teased.

We didn’t have SEX! she snapped at Gretchen, then realized it was a joke. Her face burned even more and she hide once again as she bit her lip and shook her head… It’s just a bad dream, it’s just a bad dream.

The day had started off great, leaving Saphiera being completely embarrassed.

Everyone else had thought it was hysterical, even Noah was laughing. Serenity was against the wall, clutching her sides, red as a tomato from laughing. Amy was covering her mouth staring at Saphiera… always the polite one, and Gretchen was unstable with laughter.

After everything settled down, Noah, Gretchen, and Amy stayed the day. They had fun, makings jokes, half of which were at the expense of Saphiera and Noah. At noon, they had lunch in her room. At that point, Amy started showing Noah around her room, much to Saphiera’s dismay. She knew it second best, besides Saphiera herself.

They all broke up after that, to do homework, or at least to get their stuff and meet back there.

Chapter 3

The girls did homework for about three hours, seeing as Amy wanted everything to be perfect. Once it was done, Gretchen asked if everyone wanted take a walk and hang out at the cafe.

Serenity, Saphiera and their mom debated over it in the master bedroom while the others waited patiently in the kitchen.

What do you think Saphiera? Can you control it? Or at least not look up? Serenity asked.

I don’t think she should. She should stay here where everyone has some sort of security. Their mom countered.

I don’t know mom. I just can’t look at the moon. Simple as that, Saphiera protested.

What happens if you do? Do you think Noah, Amy and Gretchen could control you if you transform? her mother insisted.

Amy knows spells like no one else, as well as Noah. Noah also has the physical strength.

Mom, I think it's time for Saphiera to regain her life from it, Serenity insisted.

Their mother sighed, thinking over everything, Alright, but if anything happens they must knock you out and get you back here pronto. You won’t be able to go outside during the full moon anymore if anything does happen.

Both girls hugged their mother, thanking her profusely.

They spent some time at the local park, for a bit then headed to the library to see if there were any new books, or videos in. It was probably one of the best times in her life to date, to be able to have her friends around her hanging out and cracking jokes, even if half of them were about her and Noah. Afterwards they headed to the café for something to eat. Noah said it was his treat.

Noah slung his arm around Saphiera. She tried not to blush, but she couldn’t help it. She didn’t quite understand why she was blushing as they had cuddled in her bed the previous night. She reasoned it was because she had been unaware, but what surprised her the most was that it felt so good.

They arrived at the café and ordered their food. As they waited for it, the high school drama queen came around.

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the loser gang of the school, oh and back together again I see…wait, what are you doing Noah? You should be with us, your friends, Lesley pointed at Noah.

Anyone else find her annoying? Noah mumbled to the girls before looking at Lesley over his shoulder.

"I am hanging out with my friends," he gestured to Saphiera, Gretchen and Amy.

Those freaks aren’t your friends, we are. Lesley tried to correct him.

And this is where I destroy her and break up her group, Noah glanced back at Saphiera and mumbled, I’ve been waiting to do this for some time. It was as if to say ‘this one is for you.’

He turned back to Lesley, Lesley, you don’t know the meaning of the word friendship do you? Because those, he pointed at the girls behind her and air quoted again, ’friends’ aren’t really your friends. They only hang around you because your dad is filthy rich. From what I can gather, you’re the most attractive female pure blood Elf to most of the male student body.

Everybody started snickering, and her cult started to back off. Lesley has always had a short temper.

They are so my friends! They follow me everywhere and practically worship the ground I stand on because I’m that gorgeous, she retorted, being very loud at the end and frantically turned to get visual confirmation from her friends.

Uh oh, she’s in for it, Saphiera mumbled to Amy.

Why? she asked.

Saphiera looked at her for a second, "I thought you would have picked up on it…she said they worship the ground she stands on…" she continued.

Oh… Amy said blinking at was quickly unfolding.

WE DON’T WORSHIP THE GROUND YOU STAND ON!! her supposed friends shouted in unison and stormed off.

Wha-What? Lesley stammered, stunned at their outburst.

Lesley, just be quiet and go home. You’re too far behind to even consider catching up, Saphiera stated and crossed her arms. Lesley turned to say something, growled, then stomped off.

After that, their food came and they talked for another hour, until the café clock chimed 6pm. They were about to leave when Saphiera motioned everybody to sit back down. She leaned on the table, crossing her arms.

I’ve decided that it’s time to show you three why I’ve been missing school and why I locked myself in my room for an entire day at a time, in complete darkness. she whispered to them.

Good, about damn time, Gretchen said muttered.

But before you actually show us, I want to share my theory of what is going on, bas…Amy started.

Yes, based on things you’ve heard, seen, and researched, Saphiera finished.

Look, this cannot be told to anyone and must be kept a secret, she said the last part in a lower whisper, My life may depend on it. They nodded and off they went back to her house.

When they were back in Saphiera’s home, she explained what she was going to do to her sister.

It was cloudy, out so she didn’t know how effective this would be.


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