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Bones In the Dam

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Finn is a family man with a teaching career at a sleepy university in southern Ontario. Every year, he’s compelled to abandon his family and spend the summer fighting fires in northern Ontario, manning the same Bell HU-1 Iroquois helicopters he flew in combat. Set against the backdrop of Lake Nipissing and the rugged taiga of the Hudson Basin, Bones in the Dam delivers a penetrating look at the struggles a Canadian veteran faces after returning from war. As a young husband and father, Finn cannot acknowledge the toll his service has taken on him. In fact, he misses the clamor of battle. He pines for it; he’s a man torn between the needs of his family and the need to relive the trauma of war. Bones in the Dam also addresses a crisis of modern masculinity: the relationship between fathers and sons and the challenges men face getting in touch with new roles as they move from the traditional to the modern. Finn is of a generation caught between.

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