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Age of the Magi

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In the Lands of Albanisia, peace has remained for centuries. Treaties have been arranged among the many races that call the continent home, allowing each to increase trade and harmony with the other. However, a prophecy, one of which was created long ago by an ancient elven prophet, speaks of a coming darkness, one of which that will sweep the land and grasp the heart of every living creature. Arhynn, a young apprentice to a blacksmith residing in the small village of Oregania, is shocked to find that he is the Magi spoken of in the prophecy, the one of which that has a chance to end the intruding darkness and bring upon a new age, the Age of the Magi. However, after retaining a strange gift from his long-dead father and watching his village go down in flames, will he have the courage and the resilience to fight on and fulfill the prophecy? Find out in Age of the Magi, the first book in the astounding magical trilogy!

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