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Short Fiction Secrets: How To Write And Sell Short Stories: Selling Writer Strategies, #2

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Want to write short stories? If you answered yes, that's excellent… Here's why. Today, you can make money writing short fiction. Readers love short stories, because they can read a story in minutes, rather than devoting hours to reading a novel. 

Writing short stories is a fun and easy way to get started writing fiction — you can get paid to write, in your spare time. If you're new to writing fiction, you can learn the elements of writing fiction — short stories are much easier to control than longer fiction. 

Perhaps you're already writing fiction. In that case, writing short stories helps you in these ways:

* Short stories offer a way to market and promote your novels painlessly;

* You can try out new genres within hours, not months — you'll soon see what does, and doesn't, work for you in your fiction;

* You can increase your income;

* You can build a responsive mailing list of readers who love your fiction by offering some of your stories as free reads on your website.

In this book, we cover the elements of writing salable short stories quickly. We also look at publishing your short stories, and at ways to make money from them which you may not have considered.

Essentially, we focus on writing short stories which sell. 

Get started writing short stories today.

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