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The House on Mars 2: Return to Mars

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Adam was born on Mars 400 years ago and he has been genetically altered to live for thousands of years. He was the first human born for more than 10,000 years after humanity was wiped out by two intelligent computers. Adam was given two wives, Eve and Lilith who were the two wives of the original Adam. It took 17 days to grow Adam and he was created by a survey robot called Drone that had become self-aware. Adam had children with both women and when Eve went to cast Lilith out Drone ordered Adam to go with Lilith. Now humanity is rising again and there are two civilizations - one on Mars and the other on Earth.

The civilization on Mars is ordered and is planning for the future, the one on Earth is failing and is likely to end up in as big a mess as humanity has always been in. Drone has created holy men on Earth to guide the new people, but that is likely to fail too. Drone sends Adam to Earth to guide a holy man called Matthias who is faltering on his holy path.

The trip to Earth from Mars will last four days. The Earth is empty now and is teeming with life after the extinction of mankind. However, there are remnants of military computers and advanced weapons systems all over the planet, and when Adam's ship enters the Earth's atmosphere it will be tracked and fired upon.

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