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Abandoned With the Enemy

Length: 124 pages1 hour


Rafe, an Earth soldier on a stealth mission at a disputed planet, gets stranded alone on an island after a quick and devastating battle with the feline Silth.
After rescuing and adopting a young predator he names Wendy, he explores the island, encounters two surviving female Silth soldiers and ends up in a fight with an unexpected result when he saves Tashee, the mother of Naylee, from certain death. She makes peace with him and the three are soon forced to work and live together when they learn about something more dangerous living in the jungle.
The still hostile Naylee clashes with him later and he learns the painful reason why from Tashee before he needs to rescue Naylee from the monster lurking around. The incident brings them closer together like a family and a love develops between the Silth women and Rafe, just before a rescue probe forces them to make a decision about their future together and the need to face the monster.

Warning: explicit content.
(32000 words)

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