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Inner Leadership: Keys to making Breakthroughs in Work, Relationships and Life. An Integral Approach

Length: 243 pages3 hours


You aim high. You have achieved much and you're in search of something more. Confronted by a new challenge, a problem or opportunity, an important decision. You are at a crossroads. How to make the most of your situation?

'Inner Leadership' is bold and original. Distilled from David’s long experience as an international personal and leadership coach a compelling story unfolds revealing the secrets of his approach. We meet Ben and his close friend and mentor Leo, then a group of high-achievers at different stages of their own personal journeys. Leo engages them in a rich and challenging process which brings surprises and revelations that go to the core of each individual and their situations, releasing confidence and clarity to navigate their careers, relationships and business.

"The drives for security and success, can take us a long way, But only with a radical new awareness of our inner and outer life can we be effective and fulfilled."

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