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Dinosaurs And The Birds: Amazing Animals Adventure Series, #4

Length: 44 pages10 minutes


Welcome to the Amazing Animals Series!

Come with us around the globe to explore the animal world.

In this book we will be comparing dinosaurs to modern day birds. We will see why birds look and act the way they do today and show you why they are connected to the dinosaurs.

What you will discover in this book:

You will find out what birds are related to the dinosaurs. What are the similarities between birds of today and dinosaurs? Do you know what a Stegosaurs, Pteranodon and a Troodon is? Find out inside! What is the difference between a bird that hunts and a bird that is hunted? You will learn that birds of prey and dinosaurs have a lot in common. What are nature’s garbage collectors?

This book is fully illustrated with fun and interesting animal images.

There is much more to find out too!
Also, to make sure you are paying attention you will be asked a couple of fun questions within the book. By asking and answering these questions it is a great way to interact with the subject matter and absorb the information within the book freely; and in a fun way!

If your child loves dinosaurs and wants to know more about birds then take a look inside to discover how we may actually be living with modern day dinosaurs! Check out the fascinating, fun and bizarre information and facts.
Your kids can have fun while learning!

This book is part of a series called, "Amazing Animals Series" all of which are great for long bedtime reading.

Collect the series!

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