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Hypno Story: Door To Door

Length: 30 pages25 minutes


Stories of lust, debauchery and obedience unfold all over the place. Tales of hypnosis and mischief that leave both women and men with mesmerized smiles on their faces.

In this story, twenty-three year old Emily has an unexpected guest at her door on a quiet Sunday afternoon. He's a salesman, peddling his wares around town. She isn't interested, at first, but Bruce's dangling crystal and soothing voice easily change her mind.

The easily enthralled Emily was happy to let Bruce demonstrate his products on her, weather it was a mind sucking sticker, or a butt sculpting exercise device that happened to be shaped precisely like his own hand.

Sure, Emily ends up paying more than she thought, but Bruce still leaves a very satisfied customer as he exits her humble abode.

This story is approx. ~7,000 words long, and is exclusively for legal adults over the age of eighteen.

*This erotica book is a work of fiction, and is for 18+ adults only. All characters in the book are 18+.*

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