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Seron Ti’s military prowess was equaled only by her achievements made in the areas of science. However, her Travels for the advancement of The Chronicals of Dahr and the veneration of All were unsurpassed by any other Dahren Traveler. On this day she was to be celebrated by the Encyclopedians and indeed the entire Citizenry. But Seron held a secret. She must openly defy the Encyclopedians and institute chaos in the Hall. And she must escape Dahr.
Blain had been through hell. Employed by Worldwide Newsgroup, he was recovering at home from injuries while covering one of the damned wars. He glanced at his Pulitzer Medal for Journalism. Did it really mean anything? He was cynical and burned out. He didn’t know that 3 golden discs were about to lead to the most incredible journey of his life. And he would be unable to report it to anyone.

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