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THE SLEUTH OF ST. JAMES'S SQUARE: Sir Henry Marquis Tales (Murder Mystery Classic): The Thing on the Hearth, The Reward, The Lost Lady, The Cambered Foot, The Man in the Green Hat, The Wrong Sign, The Fortune Teller, The End of the Road, The Last Adventure, American Horses and more

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This carefully crafted ebook: "THE SLEUTH OF ST. JAMES'S SQUARE: Sir Henry Marquis Tales (Murder Mystery Classic)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
Sir Henry Marquis is the Chief of Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard, who used to be in charge of the English secret service on the frontier of the Shan states, and at the time he was in Asia. Intensely interested in crime solving, Sir Henry is a linking component between the various cases, each presenting him in a new light. In some tales he's an investigator, actively involved in the case, and in some he listens to other's twisting accounts about some strange incident.
Table of Contents:
The Thing on the Hearth
The Reward
The Lost Lady
The Cambered Foot
The Man in the Green Hat
The Wrong Sign
The Fortune Teller
The Hole in the Mahogany Panel
The End of the Road
The Last Adventure
American Horses
The Spread Rails
The Pumpkin Coach
The Yellow Flower
Satire of the Sea
The House by the Loch
Melville Davisson Post (1869-1930) was an American author, born in West Virginia. Post's best-known character is the mystery solving, justice dispensing West Virginian backwoodsman, Uncle Abner. Post also wrote number of stories about Randolph Mason, a brusque New York lawyer who is highly skilled at turning legal loopholes and technicalities to his clients' advantage. Post's other recurring characters include Sir Henry Marquis of Scotland Yard, the French policeman Monsieur Jonquelle and the Virginia lawyer Colonel Braxton.

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