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Return to Gooseneck

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Sara finished packing her station wagon, closed the door and then went back into the home she called home for twenty-five years. She walked through the rooms wiping tears from her face. What happened to my life, my children, to leave me? My last two babies were gone from me at their birth. Now all of them left for England to live with Marcie. Steven had explained to the children he wasn't married to their mother, just to Marcie. There was evil in that house, in Sara's marriage. Was that her evil mother-in-law?

With Jackie's help, they walked through the rooms she loved so much, and locked then the doors. The next morning after saying goodbye to her friends, she climbed in her car, and drove away. After a few scares, Sara pulled up to Andy's apartment in Florida, and stayed a couple days before heading for Gooseneck.

Pulling in the long drive, she stooped and gasped. "What happened to this home? Was Sara Sommers up to her old tricks? From the time she was thirteen that woman was in my life. Did Sara have a hand in my troubles, she wondered. The inside was a disaster. Her Uncle Joe and stepfather looked sick; the house looked sick, everything was falling apart. She called her brother telling him to come home. With Sam's and his wife's, Betty, help the estate once again livable.

Nathan McCabe became acquainted with Sara once again. They fell in love, and were married. Will her children ever come back? Who knows? Will there ever be love in the estate again? Was the voice from the past; her dear departed Granny, help her now? On the other hand, was the past Sara Sommers, with her here too? Did she have a hand bringing the bears that stood around the estate, come alive when any unwanted stumbled on the estate?

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