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Under two Moons

504 pages9 hours


Organised and level-headed Leah wakes up on a distant planet called Minvela. The questions of how she got there and how she can get back home to Earth fade into insignificance when encountering an enormous problem. All her emotions are amplified to extraordinary levels and have taken over her normally calm and analytical mind.
There are some familiar faces among all the strangers. It seems she didn’t come here alone. A group of fellow students from Earth have come too and are already settled in their new surroundings. There is, however, a catch – she despises and distrusts all of them. After all they have more than a little bad history together. School wasn’t a picnic.
Her questionable and unwanted ally turns out to be Ben. Together they have to figure out how to fulfil a calling that is a far cry from what she thought her life would ever be. But how much can she trust this guy who saved her life if she cannot trust herself?

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