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In the picturesque Old Spanish village of Rojas, wealthy, ailing, fifty-year-old Thomas looks back at his youth, and the unforgettable first love he had lost: fiery, gorgeous Fernando.

They met as teenagers in England and went to Rojas on holiday with friends, where they fell headlong in love.

They built their dreams together in the little village, and vowed to make it their home one day.

But as their fortunes and ambitions grew in England, the dream of retiring in Rojas drifted further and further away from them. Thomas felt they had enough wealth to last lifetimes and wanted to leave everything behind to move to their Paradise. Fernando was attached to his job, and could not imagine an idle, complacent life – even if it was with the love of his life in their own piece of heaven.

The men separate, throwing away decades of togetherness.

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