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Jason Mc Donald

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While in college and away from home, handsome 18-year old Jason MacDonald should be fucking his brains out. But he just doesn’t have the kind of cock that can satisfy a woman. As a matter of fact, the woman he’s in love with has nicknamed it a “penisette!”

But what Jason doesn’t have “down there” he has in spades elsewhere: a tongue that a girl can just die for…

Pretty, dominant Rachel has Jason wrapped around her little finger. She likes his look and intelligence, but definitely not his cock. She wouldn’t ever allow him to fuck her, especially not after she has experienced the ‘Magnificent Mandingo Manhood’ of Mr. Jonas! But while spending time with Mr. Jonas, Rachel learns about cuckolds - men who can’t please with their penis, but can lap at a cunt like it’s nobody’s business. Cuckolds clean up the juices – especially those from other men!

Then Rachel has an idea. Jason definitely has all the qualities to become a great cuckold…

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