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Friends With Benefits

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Martin sat behind his desk. Sitting in a chair was a young man with longish hair and a goatee.

Into his office stepped a woman, tall and slender wearing a thick, knit turtleneck sweater and an ankle-length granny skirt.

She had raven hair and olive skin. Her face was in the shape of a long oval with a strong nose and prominent chin.

She had a high and broad forehead and dark brown eyes that featured a hint of epicanthic fold in the lids.

Her dark hair was pulled back in a tight bun and she wore bronzed-colored wire-framed glasses. The sleeves of her turtleneck were pushed up to her elbows, revealing athletic forearms.

A prominent vein in the back of her hand continued up her forearm. "Doctor Lang," she said to Martin, "Margot said you wanted to see me."

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