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Lost and confused, Matt Pearson doesn’t know what’s going on with his life. He sees his best friend naked in the shower and gets an instant boner! What the hell is going on?!

Matt spends the next two years thinking about his best friend, Jamie. Then BOOM! He realizes he’s GAY!

The day comes when Matt breaks down and confesses to his parents that he’s, yeah, gay. How will they take this?

Then, Matt gets a surprise! He sees Jamie in his bedroom door. They talk and Jamie reveals to Matt how much he’s in love with him. Can anything get better than this? YEY!! Jamie’s gay!

Both Matt and Jamie head through bumpy roads before entering college. Jamie starts seeing Matt’s younger brother who’s gay too! There’s always a conflict when it comes to love.

Jamie’s life is even turning out to be more difficult with his bumpy relationship with Matt and top it up with his family disowning him because he’s gay.

Jamie is about to hit a point of no return...

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