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Undercover Pain

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“It's so unfair to us, ladies, that you two Gods are in love with each other.”

Luke and Sean have been best buds since they were toddlers. Both are actually good-looking.

Sean is the school jock and the “It Boy” while Luke is the school geek. Two very opposite boys are the best of friends. You might find it hard to believe so, but it’s true.

Sean is dating the hottest girl in school, June. Well, that is expected. The hottest guy dating the hottest girl. His best friend Luke, on the other hand, is just a school nerd and totally a virgin at nineteen.

But everything suddenly turns in Luke’s favor! Sean offers his hot girlfriend to him one day, just out of the blue. Seriously?!? What a great way to lose one’s virginity!

Luke seizes this very rare opportunity not realizing that he's in for a bargain and his body is the trade.

Belts, whips, and screams will come to existence and change the course of both Sean and Luke’s friendship as well as their lives.

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