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The Gym Challenge

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Nick finds something interesting at the gym!

Being told that he’s becoming a slob, Nick gets his act straight and heads to the gym. Working out at least three times a week, Nick can now look in the mirror and say he looks pretty good for his age.

At the gym, Nick sees four young “Drop Dead Gorgeous” men who works out at the same time he usually does. They’ve become his eye candy.

Unexpectedly, Joey (one of the guys), makes a snide comment about Nick’s manhood being “tiny”. Because of it, Joey is now on a bet with Nick. The prize: whoever has the bigger penis will ass-fuck the one with the smaller penis. The conclusion of this bet will surely surprise everyone!

After that episode, the three other guys visit Nick’s place individually without letting the others know. Why is that so?

There’s something going on behind closed doors that will surely surprise you! Being friends for 10 long YEARS will never guarantee you really know your so-called “friends”.

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