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A Heart On Hold

31 pages21 minutes


Tim Hutton is a closet gay... at THIRTY!

Feeling old at the bite of the big 3-0, he now wants to come out in the open. There’s no reason to hide it any longer, really.

While sunning himself on the South Beach, Tim gets a glimpse of a scruffy but beautiful young man. Tim feels drawn to him and for some reason, can’t take his eyes off him. Unable to help himself, he asks the boy out to dinner.

This boy Kyle, seemingly in need of a good feeding, takes the offer and they become friends.

Tim helps Kyle in other ways too: he offers him a place to stay for the night and heck, Tim even pays for a few new clothes that Kyle needs for a job interview. Tim did all these without asking for anything in return.

But is there really nothing behind Tim’s kindness?

This series is also known as the “Coming Out” series.

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