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Mauled By My Mate

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Chas has decided to come out of the closet!

Chaz has known he was gay since age 12, and it was a secret he’s kept strictly to himself for years. Now, he has finally decided to reveal that he’s gay.

His teammates at rugby couldn’t believe what he’d just told them; Chas was a good sportsman, and with all his muscles and pecs, the announcement was unexpected. One of the members of the team, his roommate Sean, didn’t show up the night after his revelation, leading Chas to think that he doesn’t want to be roomies with a queer.

So he looks for another apartment where he could stay for the rest of the semester. As Chase was preparing to move out, Sean returns and asks him to stay. His roommate - his entire team - have accepted his being queer, and he is still a welcome part of them . Chas is overwhelmed.

However, he might be more ‘welcome’ than he knows...

One day, out of the blue, Sean asks if he could be Chas’ first sexual partner.

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