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Society Girls: Waverly

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The voluptuous beauty is protecting the star swimmer, but who will protect her heart when he leaves her breathless?

Waverly Stein is finally free from the human trafficker who once owned her, but the transition to spy recruit with the Society isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. She possesses the knowledge and skills she needs to succeed, but she’s having trouble handling her feelings for the sexy swimmer with more than medals on his mind.

Knox Edwards gave up on love after having his heart broken. With his life in danger, he doesn’t expect to be assigned a siren come to life. He can’t resist her, and he’s even willing to give love another chance. Until being with Waverly starts to jeopardize everything he’s ever wanted in life, causing him to make decisions neither one of them may be able to come back from.

Can she save him, while hurting from the pain he’s caused her out of fear, or will they both be dead in the water before it’s all over?

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