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When Legends Arise

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At seventeen, Aden “Phoenix” Mallen is one of the few still fighting for good on the human continent of Domhan. For centuries, Domhan has been ruled by Olc and the Ruathars, a race of humans with amazing powers used for darkness. Now Phoenix must call his fellow Striders, those using their powers for good, out of hiding. Then, and only then, can he join them and the humans to defeat the dictator...but he must tread carefully.
Loved ones are injured, dead, and dying.
It is not easy to save others without being killed.
Striders are a hidden race.
Trying to change prophesies will only result in their fulfillment.
Ruathars, a deadly threat.
Most would say he has already lost.
And humans have no loyalties.
Because finishing a revolution is harder than starting one.

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