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Jack & Dora Do L.A.

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“The story is beautifully structured so that it sucks readers into and through it. The characters are vivid. The theme is timely: our society needs shots of eroticism to keep us human, and this novel is a terrific shot of eroticism. It gives the reader a deeper insight into the Movieland culture, the obsession with glamour and ostentation. Personally, I really liked the mix of gritty realism and the erotic wonderland in which the characters find themselves. I also got a kick out of the gods and goddesses, a dimension that lifts the whole tale way up. All in all, I believe it's a very fine novel.”
- Robert Gover, bestselling author of the novel $100 Misunderstanding, praised by NY Times, the Atlantic, Gore Vidal, Henry Miller, Joseph Heller and more

"Robert Szeles has captured part of the essential magic of L.A., a rare treat in a time when the city is merely a static backdrop for most authors. There's a touch of Raymond Chandler's deadly playfulness in his treatment of the fantasy landscape of the city, and his use of sexuality for both tension and healing is refreshing and quite unlike anything else I've read."
- Ryan Harvey, Winner of the 2011 Writers of the Future Award and Black Gate Author

"Jack and Dora are 21st century L.A.'s equivalent to Nick and Nora Charles (except they're involved in seduction, not detection). Take the witty repartee and charm of Nick and Nora, add a little more sex (okay, a lot more sex), a little less alcohol, some old world magic, and a lot of hip action (literally)."
- Rachel Olivier, editor, and author of The G.O.D. Factor

"The Jack & Dora stories flow very nicely and contain unique and interesting conversations. And, they'll be sure to heat you up on a cold rainy day."
- Gil Roscoe, author of Company of Thieves

Jack Stevens is trying to make it as a screenwriter in Hollywood, a town that goes through writers like cheap paper towels. He barely gets by working a Beverly Hills art gallery and spends most of his personal time breaking up with his girlfriend.

Dora Alvarez is trying to launch her jewelry and lingerie business. From the money she saves waiting tables at the trendy French-Japanese restaurant, Le Tentacle, she figures she'll open shop sometime around the next ice age, which she swears will be way before she gets involved in another monogamous relationship.

When two of the least respected Gods of Los Angeles, Love and Romance, reroute Jack and Dora onto the bumpy five-lane freeway to love, the car-stressed lovers find themselves put to the test. They'll contend with a vengeful ex-girlfriend, a dominatrix boss, an irresistible TV star, an egomaniacal TV producer, Hollywood backstabbing, and the greatest obstacles of all: themselves!

A fanciful, funny, poignant, passionate, kinky, sexy romantic comedy set in Los Angeles, where even gods are only as good as their last gig.

Adult Readers Only.

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