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No Darker Rooms

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This story is the outcome of the author’s enthusiasm for a great English Puritan scholar, author and theologian, an outstanding man of Cromwell’s day, Richard Baxter.

Ordained in 1683, Baxter became minister at Kidderminster in 1641, the scene of the action in this book. Mr. Baxter was Chaplain to Cromwell’s army for two years. He also learned what suffering and persecution meant and was imprisoned for eighteen months at one time, without succumbing to panthophobia. Many are the Christians who have been blessed and sustained by his Saints’ Everlasting Rest; also convicted by his Call to the Unconverted.

This is reading based squarely on historical personages and facts. Its main theme—Baxter’s falling in love and marriage—is fact. Parts of his famous addresses are quoted.

The author’s personal research on the subject, subsequent to the writing of the manuscript and in preparation for some lecture work, confirmed that many of the incidents related, as well as the main theme, have factual basis. The attempted murder in the churchyard, for instance, was paralleled by a similar deed committed by a drunkard who had been subjected to certain church discipline.

Those who appreciate “meat” with their “cake” in their fictional repast will find this a book to their liking, and so we shall leave it to speak for itself! You might wish to tell the publishers how you like it; if so, do it by all means.

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