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How to Get Funds for Education - Free for Developing Countries

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This is a compendium of scholarships, grants, financial aids and loans. (783 pages)

Most aspiring and educationally gifted or talented people get nowhere because they lack the necessary funds and these individuals are not always aware  of  available  funding  opportunities  let  alone  the organizations  that  offer  them.  If you are interested in getting  an education or training and you lack the necessary funds, here is a book you must have.

A do it yourself, one stop shop resource guide on scholarships, grants, loans and  financial  opportunities  available  globally  for  citizens  of developing countries irrespective of the academic or financial status.

Limiting barriers  in  educational  or  vocational  advancement  can  be broken using this book to discover thousands of relevant breakthrough sources and links to successfully secure funding sources.

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