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Many people are struggling with understanding who they are, and who God has called or created them to be. They are grappling to determine what they need to do from day to day to allow them to live a life of both significance and fulfillment. These major struggles center around the question “Am I on the right path and headed in the right direction in my life?”

If you too are only coping with life, rather than living it! If you are constantly haunted by the feeling that surely there is something more to life. If you are constantly asking yourself, “Was I put on earth just to get a job, buy a house and car, grow old, and then have a nice funeral?” Then this book is just for you!

As Conrad Jones says, your struggle to find fulfillment is something called “the pull of destiny”, and that struggle is not a bad or uncommon thing! Actually, God has placed those desires inside you so you'll continually strive toward your highest potential and your destiny of significance and excellence.

Your destiny will always pull you towards three (3) specific desires:

Achievement – the desire to live a life of excellence. Suitability – the desire to find the place you fit in the world. Unique Greatness – the desire to experience more happiness and fulfillment by doing something you somehow feel you were born to do.

This book walks you through the 6 steps for re-engaging your life, revitalizing your dreams and increasing your happiness and success, on the way to the fulfillment of your destiny. Open the cover and get started right now!

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Re-Engage! - Conrad L. Jones

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DEDICATED to my wife, Lonnette who has not only believed in my dreams and aspirations, but has pushed and encouraged me to stay the course, and to keep fighting for what I believe in. Your passion for greatness continues to be an inspiration in my life, and the lives of those I’m blessed to touch with my message.

To my fathers, George, Leo, and Lonford; your quiet strength and wisdom have served as a powerful guiding force in my life.

To my mothers, Christine, Inez, Tharecita and Judy; your emotional support, advice and comfort have served as fortresses against the storms of life.

Most importantly, to my Heavenly Father; nothing I have been able to achieve or will ever seek to accomplish will be without your help, guidance and support. Your unconditional love toward me serves as the eagle’s wings that help me to soar.


The prefix 're' is derived from the Latin vocabulary and is used with the meaning "again", or to do again; The word 'engage' means to: occupy your attention and efforts; to attract and hold fast; to bind, as by pledge or promise; to enter into conflict with etc.

Maybe you have tried to move towards more happiness, better clarity, and meaningful achievement in your life somewhere in the past, but haven't been quite as successful as you'd like – I challenge you to "Re-Engage"!

I challenge you to dust of your dreams again; reopen the doors of your destiny and fulfilment; reconnect with your passion, vibrancy, and excitement; and begin moving forward again – because this time, you will succeed!

From today on, I challenge you to: occupy your attention and engage your efforts to connect with who you were born to be; become attracted and hold fast to the purpose and plan of God for your life; make a promise to yourself that you will not settle for less than the best- which is what you rightfully deserve in life; and move with courage to fight against mediocrity, conformity, and anything that hinders you from your God-ordained destiny.

As you break-free of your limitations and accept my challenge to "Re-Engage" your life, starting right now, I'm going to walk you through the "6 Steps For Getting Your Life On Track & Headed In The Direction Of Your Happiness, Dreams & Destiny!" Let the challenge begin!

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In the 1994 American action movie Speed, which was directed by Jan de Bont and starred Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, Los Angeles SWAT officers Jack Traven [Keanu] and Harry Temple [Jeff Daniels] thwart an attempt by a bomber, to hold an elevator car full of hostages ransom, for a large sum of money.

As the movie progressed, Jack watches a city bus explode.  Shortly thereafter, the bomber contacts Jack and warns that a similar bomb is rigged on another bus, which will blow up if the bus’ speed drops below 50 miles per hour (80 km/h).

Demanding a larger ransom, the bomber warns Jack that he will set off the bomb if they attempt to offload passengers.  Nevertheless, police are able to clear the route for the bus to drive onto a closed freeway, which as it turns out, is incomplete. Jack gets Annie [Bullock] who is driving, to accelerate the bus and jump the gap. Afterwards, they are directed to drive to nearby Los Angeles International Airport [LAX] and onto the runway, and to continue travelling at the required speed until the hostages are rescued, or the fuel runs out, as they are fully aware that if the bus’ speed falls below 50 mph, it will blow up.[1]

Oscar Wilde, the Irish writer and poet in his 1889 essay The Decay Of Lying opined that life imitates art.[2]This movie supports Wilde’s claim, as it illustrates a common occurrence in everyday life. The passengers got onto that bus and unknowingly, were at the mercy of a madman who forces them to accelerate or blow-up, in order to satisfy his own demands. As a result, they were speeding off in a direction they hadn’t planned and were stuck in a situation that caused them to have to accelerate toward an uncertain future.

The word acceleration invokes the image of moving at an fast pace that is gradually speeding up. No doubt many would agree that we live in an accelerated world, and as such, the pace of everything seems to be going faster and faster; thus leaving many people struggling to keep up.

We are constantly pressured to keep pushing towards the next thing; whether it’s the next promotion, the next educational exploit, the next job or business endeavour, or the next family/church event; but the truth is that many people are still confused about where they are going in life, and are engaged in activities that are not necessarily making them any happier.

Yes, there is a demand for more energy, more effort, and more work, but the pressures of acceleration are causing us to split our focus in so many different ways that we often feel strained at the seams.

However, that does not necessarily mean that because we are speeding off toward something, that we are happy or even effective in the lives we lead. The truth is that we have to really examine where it is that we are headed in our lives.

Many people are struggling with understanding who they are, and who God has called or created them to be.  They are grappling to determine what they need to do from day to day to allow them to live a life of both significance and fulfilment.

These major struggles centre around the question

Am I on the right path and headed in the right direction in my life?

When the answer to this question seems to elude an individual for a while, he or she may disengage from the process of walking toward fulfilment, and passively settle into a life of mediocrity; an existence which is unfulfilled, unsatisfying, and one that leaves him or her stuck in a rut of frustration.

A disengaged life, unfortunately, is one in which a person settles for an empty existence which is disillusioned, discouraged, and degraded - a life in which one has somehow lost faith in the fact that Jesus came to bring us all an abundant and satisfying quality of life.

If you too are only coping with life, rather than living it; If you are constantly haunted by the feeling that surely there is something more to life; If you are constantly asking yourself, Was I put on earth just to get a job, buy a house and car, grow old, and then have a nice funeral? Then this book is just for you!

Many people unknowingly disengage from the process of walking towards the fulfilment of their dreams, destiny and complete happiness for one simple reason. They desire to move forward, but do not know exactly which steps to take to re-engage and re-energize themselves, and their dreams. But this can and will change for you, starting today!

This book will take you on a journey; through a process that will help you figure out how to re-engage your dreams and reenergize your life, get back on track and head in the direction of your happiness, success, and fulfilment.

And if no one has told you the truth as yet, here it is: you can experience a happier, more fulfilling and rewarding life, but you simply cannot focus on everything – you must focus on only what is essential to build a great life.


I have found that one of the greatest desires of human beings is ultimately to determine life’s direction, and this book, which is based on three central thoughts distilled into six practical steps, will help you to do so.

Firstly, clarity with your life’s direction comes from knowing and understanding that you are on the right path,  headed in the right direction, and gaining more wisdom from day to day about your journey.

Secondly, confidence in your life’s direction comes from having full trust and faith that your path is ultimately leading you to the place of happiness, fulfilment, success, and significance.

Finally, competence with your life’s direction comes from possessing and skilfully using the right information, skills, and tools, which will aid you in successful pursuits of your dreams and destiny.

Chapter One


Tapping Into Your Unique Life Experiences

To Find Meaning & Clarity

Life is filled with many twists, turns, bumps, bruises, triumphs, and successes. In fact, life has so many dimensions, it seems that each individual has their own story-line, similar to that of main characters in a movie.

No matter where you are right now in your life, I'm sure you have an interesting story to tell about your own challenges and triumphs.

It is the power of that story that many times shapes who you become, and what you achieve. It is also the power of that story that can keep you trapped, frustrated, and living a meaningless all depends on two things:

Your perspective of your own story;

Your decision to keep on writing your story every day, so that the end reads better than the beginning.

Remember, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!

I know that your story may be different from mine, but we share many things in common in that you and I both have a passion and desire to lead fulfilling, rewarding lives right? Yet I’ve learned that in life you either...


My journey for connecting with a higher purpose for my life began a few years ago when I was fresh out of high school and on my very first job. It was summertime, and I was excited about getting my first job as a beach attendant for a water sport company.

One of the services offered to customers was parasailing; in which we strapped the person into a body harness which is connected to a parachute, and the parachute is then connected to a speedboat.  As the driver guns the engine, the momentum creates lift and pulls the person into the air. Eventually that person floats up to a few hundred feet in the air to enjoy the view and the peace and quiet.

Now, that's the easy part; the difficulty often came in getting the person back down!

There was a floating wooden platform covered with green carpeting out in the ocean, which we would walk the customer off into the air.  Then we would catch the rope connected to the parachute as it shot across the platform, quickly lock it into a rope pulley, and safely bring him or her back to the platform - all without getting wet.

One fateful day, while completing this routine exercise, the boat driver crossed the platform to pass me the rope but moved extremely fast because it was calm and there was no wind on the ocean that day. This meant that the only wind to keep the parachute afloat was being generated by the speed of the boat.

As he crossed the platform with a burst of speed, the lady in the parachute was screaming her head off because she started to drop like an asteroid plummeting toward the earth.

I looked up and saw the rope coming at me so fast and so furious, that it looked like an angry yellow hummingbird whose nest