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Jacksonville Jack 6: Jack Goes Hunting on Skyline Drive - Part 1

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FBI Agent Pete Neal has a serial killer to catch. Jacksonville Jack has murdered more than thirty-five women in four cities. In previous existences Jacksonville Jack has been Seattle Sidney, St. Louis Lenny and Baltimore Bertie. Although the names sound like a joke this man is anything but a joker. He kills ten women in each city and then moves on.

There have been a lot of articles lately asking why the police and FBI haven't caught Jack and the heat is on. Not only the Jacksonville papers but also the national papers are running stories on the case and Jack has even pulled up a British newspaper online to find himself reading a psychological profile written by a female British profiler describing America's most notorious serial killer. The British woman was wrong on many counts but had scored direct hits in two areas. One of those had worried Jack and the other one had seriously pissed him off. He has promised himself the head of the British profiler if he can get it.

Jack is showering and then he is on a hunting trip to Skyline Drive. He will be staying in Front Royal and each day he will check out Skyline Drive and the Appalachian Trail. Lying on Jack's bed is an exact copy of a uniform for a male worker in Skyline Drive. Jack made that costume himself from photos taken in Skyline Drive and from internet research. That uniform gives him the ability to be in many places in the park that an ordinary male hiker cannot be.

In Jack's orbit in the forthcoming week will be two women with relationship problems moving toward a final argument and eventual breakup, a Swedish woman on a final trip before she settles down, a nuclear scientist with high functioning Asperger's syndrome and a couple who are both married but not to each other. Jack is struggling with the personalities of both Baltimore Bertie and Seattle Sidney who were once in the background but are now keen to come to the forefront and get involved in the hunt.

Read on and find out who dies first. Will any of the women escape or will Jack take them all down?

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