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A British bureaucrat discovers a disturbing anomaly related to air cargo flights emanating from St. Petersburg, Russia. Concerned that it may be related to the kind of sneak attack that used to keep NATO commanders awake at nights during the Cold War, he brings it to the attention of intelligence analyst Warren Harrison. Harrison is struggling in his own right. A deeply personal tragedy has been compounded by the breakdown of his marriage, largely as a result of his secret and secretive career.
Harrison sets in motion a plan to both determine the veracity of the fears that have been aroused, as well as deal with the potential plot head on and with decisive force. He enlists a long-time colleague and old friend, Don Goodale, himself scarred by his role in the Cold War and its aftermath to learn what he can from the Moscow side. In Moscow, a Russian investigator has been pursuing the people behind the black market in arms that leads Russian soldiers to be killed by Russian arms in the hands of Russia's enemies. What Marina Tverdovski finds is far, far more sinister than the smuggling and sale of rifles and rocket launchers. A shadowy general, a relic of Russia's past for whom the Cold War has never really ended seems to have stolen a number of nuclear weapons, and appears intent on using them against the West in a diabolical sneak attack.
For these three and others, as they struggle with pain and heartache in their own lives, they must strive to prevent the deaths of millions. As they struggle to prevent the unspeakable, some must also confront the past, for this is not the first time that the rogue Petrosik has tried to use nuclear weapons against the West. The true roots of General Nikolai Petrosik's master plan to destroy the West lie in a land that seems forever cursed- Afghanistan.

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