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Hypno Story: Tools Of The Trade

39 pages34 minutes


Stories of lust, debauchery and blissful obedience unfold where you least expect them. Tales of hypnosis and mischief that leave women with mesmerized smiles on their faces and a submissive song in their heart.

This story follows Evie Holland, a spunky young woman with a clear career goal – To become a police officer, solve crimes and catch bad guys.
At least, she used to have a clear goal, until she was kicked out of the police academy, due to an unfortunate incident that really wasn't her fault, or so she insists.

No biggies, she wasn't about to let such a small thing ruin her dreams. Determined to prove she had what it takes, Evie became a private detective. With her great deductive abilities, observation skills, and not to mention her complete lack of shame when it came to interrogating witnesses and suspects alike, she knew she'd be able to help people and make a name for herself.

At the request of an old friend, Evie takes on a peculiar case of theft. The suspects seem to have no memory of the crime they committed, apart from a shiny circle-shaped object perched before their eyes.

Evie ends up learning much more than she thought she would, about the nature of tools, and the masters who make those tools feel useful.
It may cost her a friend, but if she does a good job, she might just succeed in proving herself to those who have always doubted her talent.

This story is approx. ~9,800 words long, and is exclusively for legal adults over the age of eighteen.

*This erotica book is a work of fiction, and is for 18+ adults only. All characters in the book are 18+.*

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