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Being Strategic: Strategy-specific Project Management in Times of Crisis

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What should a company do when it finds itself in crisis? Rejecting the idea that a company’s crisis is bankruptcy resulting from poor financial status, developing from temporary to permanent inability to meet creditor requirements, this study takes an innovative stance in proposing strategic crisis control management decisions in order to stabilize company performance. In order to efficiently implement controlled company crisis development strategies, it is important to design company crisis control structures that represent a matrix of crisis control centers (CCC), also performing as crisis control accounting centers. The mechanism proposed in this study offers complex methods for principal strategic crisis management goal achievement, i.e. crisis prevention and coping in case of crisis onset. Project management and framework are central to the innovative strategy presented here to head off crisis before it starts. Niche and industry formats will change, and so should you. Crisis can be anticipated and nipped in the bud with innovative management strategies.
I really enjoyed reading this book. The flow is good, the content is easy to digest without losing its depth, and it shows the essence of strategic management as applied to project activities. How to prevent and cope with crisis is clearly explained, using a strategic management perspective, which offers more comprehensive solutions. Ultimately, the examples of strategies to use in several typical conditions will help us to have a better understanding of strategic management. This book is great for both academics and practitioners, since the content is “only meat without bones”.
Rivani, S.IP., MM., DBA
Head of Division of Research and Development
Department of Business Administration Sciences
University of Padjadjaran

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