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Shield: Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure, book 3): Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure series)

Length: 218 pages3 hours


Loyalties are tested, trust is broken and orders disobeyed in this latest YA paranormal adventure. 

How will the students face their new challenges at the Ghost Academy? 

Lauren, Charlie, Esmee and Alex develop new skills as Angelics, destined to protect vulnerable humans. However, when Charlie receives some worrying news about his family, he has a difficult decision to make, one that could ruin their latest assignment. 

The Deviants continue to cause problems for Lauren and the Academy, and she is faced with additional trouble from ghost hunters, who capture two of her teammates and she has to fight to get them free. What is she prepared to sacrifice to get them back? 

Fighting to protect not only the family she left behind when she was killed but also her new family at the Ghost Academy, Lauren struggles to cope. 

Everything changes when two of the students are forced to leave the Academy. How will they make it without the protection of the Academy and will they ever be able to return? 

Ghost Academy reading order:

Chosen - book 1

Recall - book 2

Shield - book 3

Exile (July 2016) - book 4

Ghost Academy series categories: 

- Teen and YA Fantasy Series 
- Paranormal Books for Teens and Young Adults 
- Teen and YA paranormal and Fantasy Book 
- Coming of Age Series 
- Magic School Series 
- Young Adult paranormal and Fantasy Book 
- Teen and YA Romance Ghosts 

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