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True Haunting in the United States

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This trilogy is a combination of 3 very popular books:

Book 1. The 13 Most Haunted Places in the United States
Book 2. More Haunted Places in the United States
Book 3. The Salem Witch Trials & Haunting

Readers have commented that the thing they like best is reading about the past history of the places that are haunted. The history tells the story of why ghosts may currently haunt these places.

There are some gory and atrocious things hidden behind the walls of many of the buildings and prisons and hospitals featured. Many prominent people have reported seeing ghosts in places such as the White House and Alcatraz, to name just a couple.

Some of these ghosts or spirits are playful while some are just plain nasty.

Sit back on a dark gloomy evening and prepare to be scared. Who doesn't like to be scared?

Note: Quotes used in this book are included verbatim so the spelling in these quotes may not be correct. The author wanted the quotes to remain true.

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