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12 Traits Of The Best Doctor

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12 Traits Of The Best Doctor

The Physician Self Help Book How to:   Improve The Medicine You Offer,

 Reduce Your Stress,

 Better Your Life,

 Improve Your Success,

 Give Better Patient Care

You went into medicine to help people, to be kind, to give solace, and to alleviate suffering. You were going to use your amazing brain and great caring heart to help people at their lowest point in their existence.

But then medical school ground you down, residency happened, then employment occurred -- and you've now been molded and torqued into something and someone you hardly recognize.

You personally might need, or maybe your office manager says you need 12 Traits Of The Best Doctor because now you find yourself seeing forty plus patients a day, before noon each day life pile-drives you to your knees, you almost always miss lunch, you love stressed beyond your capabilities, caught up in the sheer nightmare of the complexities of the insurance model of making money, dealing with potentially devastating HIPAA issues, and wondering how your life got so twisted by the harsh economics of medicine.

Let me untwist you.

Who am I?

My name is Dan Purser, I'm an MD who wrote a well received textbook on preventive medicine a few years back, and from that has spread twelve #1 bestselling books on Amazon. Also, while waiting for my books to rise to #1, I started and continue to operate seven successful companies (we do nutritional and supplement product development and manufacturing), plus I've had the incredible opportunity to speak to fans all over the planet (and am lucky enough now to get paid more for an eight hour day of speaking than most docs earn in a month), plus many other crazy successes. It might help to check out my website to learn more about me --

But save your mind, and your heart, and possibly your future, or maybe one of your children who are going into health care, or your spouse who’s a physician, or the doctor you work for when you purchase and (let them) read this paradigm shifting little book -- 12 Traits Of The Best Doctor.


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