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How to Get Hired Quickly 2016

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If you are unemployed and have been looking for a job for over 3 months, this book was written for you.

If you have been using LinkedIn or Facebook in your job search and they have not helped you get hired, this book was written for you.

If you are not getting calls back from your job applications, this book is for you.

The job market has a lot of contradictions that do not make sense:
Unqualified people get hired while qualified ones do not.
Some people get hired through LinkedIn while others do not.
Some people can get hired in a week while others are still looking for a job months down the road.

This book explains how to get a job quickly in the hyper-competitive world of Internet job searching.

It gives the reader online job-seeking strategies and techniques so you can more effectively use the Internet to get hired quickly by getting more callbacks, interviews and job offers. It's based on the author's fourteen years of experience in assisting the long-term unemployed obtain jobs.

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