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Intense Lust

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Sam is by far, a very successful multi-millionaire at twenty-five and even more so at twenty-eight. Young, independent, and driven describe who he is.

Being a constant visitor at Markus’ studio for photo shoots, Sam scouts for models who can spend the night with him for a price. Of course, he’s willing to pay. Afterall, he has more than enough for spending.

On one of Markus’ underwear photo shoots, he sees Nicholas. Sam instantly gets attracted to him and defines him as the most stunning man he has ever laid his eyes on. He has to have Nicholas!

Getting to know Nicholas more, Sam finds out that Nicholas is a country boy, new to the city, and broke. This is perfect! Sam can make his move for a price and it wouldn’t be hard for him to do so.

For a thousand pounds to accompany him in his yacht for the weekend, Nicholas couldn’t say no. Sam spoils him that weekend: buying him designer clothes and all those expensive fancy things, and giving him a makeover.

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