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Kiss Me (Sexual Discoveries Series: Book 1)

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What happens when you love someone but haven't figured out how to love yourself? Do you let them go, hold on tight, or run away? Join new author, Elizabeth Travers, as she draws back the curtain and shows us a glimpse into the heartache and salvation of young love in this prelude to the new Sexual Discoveries series.

The Heart Breaker. School heart throb, Brian Eriksson, has been the man of the house ever since he could remember. Now that his father has retired from the service though, it's time for him to stop living in the now and start planning for his future. The problem is he has no idea where to start. Things get even more complicated when town sweetheart, Samantha James, returns home, ruining his easy living lifestyle.

The Golden Boy. Jayson's future was sealed for him long before he was born. He will finish college, go to law school, and then join the family practice with his father. Jayson has other dreams though and it's time to man up and start making them happen. But is it too late to fix his derailed life or can he turn things around in time to win back the respect and friendship of the one girl he never forgot?

The Good Girl. Samantha is drowning in her own pain. Suffocated by the pressures and expectations of a small town, she flees from home after graduation, hoping to outrun her demons. Demons pack light though and they don't fight fair. Her unexpected return to town sparks a chain of events that will change everything. Forever.
* This book contains graphic language and sexual scenes. Not appropriate for children under 17.

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