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It's Not Rocket Science: A Guy's Blueprint to Caregiving

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Marc Heyison’s world changed forever in 1992 when he heard five horrific words, “Your mother has breast cancer.” As his mother continues to be cancer free, her courage inspired him in becoming a leading, national voice on the critical and vital role of male caregiving.

Mr. Heyison, a former professional baseball player with the Baltimore Orioles, relied on the same traits that helped him to succeed in his athletic career— tireless determination, perseverance, and absolute refusal to quit in becoming an advocate in the battle against breast cancer, and ultimately, in helping men be there for the women they love.

Mr. Heyison share’s his unique no-nonsense, straight talk perspective on what it takes for any guy to be a great caregiver. He has learned from real life situations on what is needed to be a great caregiver from health care providers and most importantly from the men and their families he has met across the country.

You will learn how to put a strong caregiving team in place, how to stay positive while in reality, why men are great caregivers, how men and women do communicate differently and that is okay, and that communication is a two way street.

After reading It’s Not Rocket Science: A Guy’s Blueprint for Caregiving, you will be equipped with a strong foundation to confidently be a more effective and supportive caregiver— in the most important role you will play—being there for the women you love.

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