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Locked in Lace

Length: 16 pages15 minutes


After walking out of life he knew, Jason finds himself taken home by the mysterious and strange Ms. Navarro - but there's a ulterior motive behind her hospitality. Forced into dresses and turned into a helpless, weak girl, will Jason ever find his way out? With no family, no money, and no hope, does he even want to?

Excerpt: His moment of relief was squashed when he realized what he was wearing. The slate gray babydoll gown hung from his shoulders and barely covered his butt, and the layers of frills flounced and shook as he tried to maintain his balance. She hadn’t answered his question about how long he was out, but his legs and arms were now noticeably skinnier, and his skin had paled to an alabaster white. All the strength seemed to have gone out of him and he leaned heavily on his captor for support.

“Easy, little one. Your condition is very delicate. Would you like something to eat?” Jason nodded weakly, and they walked together through the dark halls to the kitchen with Susan walking quietly behind. During the short trip Jason became too light-headed to continue and was forced to take ragged, small breaths through coughing fits until his head stopped swimming. At last they passed through the familiar dining hall and into the kitchen, as empty and lonely as every other part of the house.
Lungs burning and head spinning, Jason leaned up against a fridge for support while he tried to catch his breath. When he regained himself, he looked up into his reflection in the shiny metal and stumbled back in shock - he barely recognized the feminized image that looked more like a sickly girl than a young man. His curly pigtails spilling down the sides of his face framed it so prettily, and his pale white skin made him look as weak and vulnerable as he felt. The frilly gown hung from his slender frame, giving the suggestion of budding young breasts. Reaching his slender, black-nailed fingers to his bust he found that there was more than a suggestion - they were real! Small, but real!
All his remaining strength went out of him and he stumbled back, into Ms. Navarro’s waiting arms. “Wha, what the hell have you done to me?!” He cried, struggling uselessly as she gripped him into a tight hug. He fought until another coughing fit overtook him, smothering his will to fight. “P-please” He sputtered, “Turn me back, let me leave. I won’t tell anyone, please..”
She sat down on the counter, pulling Jason onto her lap with ease. “Why, the doors are always open. If you want to leave, you may leave - but why would you?” She idly played with one of his ringleted pigtails. “You said yourself, you have nowhere to go. And that illness took quite a toll... you’re hardly the man you used to be.” She giggled softly to herself at this and Jason’s stomach twisted up inside. “You wouldn’t survive a day on the streets the way you are now - but my home is warm, and so am I. Stay with me, Julia.”

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