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Evergreen Friends

Length: 207 pages2 hours


Deep in a far green country, there lives a wondrous community of forest critters . These are not normal forest critters by any means. They live lives much like us, and enjoy many of the same comforts. Unlike us they live their lives devoid of human contact. As such they have the pleasure and terror of sharing their lives, adventures, and misfortunes with many creatures in our tales of fantasy and folklore.
The following tale recounts the events surrounding one of evergreens spring flings. On the eve of their spring festival the community was almost brought to ruins by a plot most nefarious.
The Goblin King and his conspirators have hatched a plot to raid the town, destroy the trees, and kidnap the children. Only time will tell if Evergreen will survive the Goblin Kings Ire. With the Children kidnapped, a distressed town calls for aid.
Mr. Badger and his companions rush off to find the children. On their quest, Mr. Badger will find deep revelations about himself, one of his companions, and their shared past.

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