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Stepping Outside Oneself - A Paranormal Suspense - Lisa Shea

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Chapter 1

List, List, o List!

-- Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5

The rain pounded down, steady, even, and my windshield wipers made that swish-swish-swish rhythm which soothed my soul. There was hardly anybody else on the highway this stormy May night. A few cars streamed northbound on the far side of 95, heading into Boston, but southbound there weren’t any lights behind and only the faint glimmer of red ahead of me. Most people were tucked safely into bed at three am on a Tuesday.

Not me.

I turned up the radio, hoping to fight off the weariness that encompassed me. But it was more than just being tired. It was more than just the mind-numbing tedium of my job as a receptionist at the bank. Because, now that it was past midnight, today was the day. Well, it was five years past the day. But, still, it was May 18th.

It was the day Mary had died.

The tears threatened to well up again and I blinked them away. Five years and the loss of my sister still carved into me like a butcher’s knife. You’d think time would have soothed that wound. But my chest still tightened; my breath still quickened as I realized she was gone. Gone forever. Crossed into that world from which there was no return.

We had been in the womb together. Our father often showed us the ultrasound of two tiny girls clinging to each other - two against the world. When we had emerged our tiny hands immediately reached for each other. We had needed to remind each other that we were still together. Still a team. Still two.

And now I was one.

It’s why I was heading to a B&B on Greenwich Bay for the weekend, rather than staying in the apartment we’d shared since after college. There were just too many memories