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Suckled: Three Book Bundle, Series Four

Length: 83 pages1 hour


Suckled - Three Pack Bundle (Series Four) contains three erotic lactation stories at a discounted price. These stories all include hot scenes of spontaneous lactation, steamy sex, erotic suckling and lots of warm milk. The stories include Suckled by my Chef, Suckled by the Vampire ,and Suckled by my Viking. For more detailed information, see the individual title details below.

Suckled by my Chef

It's a dream come true for Marie when Chef Ian Jacobs agrees to hire her as a chef in his kitchen. Young, inexperienced, and now a new mother, she couldn't be happier working, and learning, beside the handsome Chef.

But when Chef Jacobs "hands on" approach to his staff, coupled with his disconcerting interest in her breastfeeding, Marie starts to question her new role in the talented Chef's kitchen.

And when Chef Jacobs prepares a special lactation inducing meal for Marie, she learns the real reason for his interest in her. He wants her milk, not just for himself, but to use in his recipes.

And the thought will drive Marie wild with desire!

This story contains sexy scenes of lactation, penetration, hot rough sex, a Chef with a unique pallet and lots of warm milk!

Suckled by the Vampire

In need of extra money to pay off school debt, and with a skill that most girls her age don't possess, Allison signs up for a mysterious lactation service that matches donors with people in need of milk.

But when the busty co-ed meets the person wanting to buy her breast milk, Allison is shocked to find out her milk won't be going to a little bouncing baby, but to a handsome and well dressed man known only as Ian.

And when Ian demands that Allison deliver her milk in person to his estate, she finds out two troubling secrets about her new benefactor. Ian is rich beyond her wildest dreams, and he's also a vampire with an unhealthy obsession for Allison's sweet, sweet milk.

This 10,000 word story contains scenes of passionate lovemaking beside a fire, erotic lactation, and a vampire who wants a busty beauties' milk more than her blood!

Suckled by my Viking

As a wet-nurse to a small village, Caitlin is used to early morning walks through the mist as she makes her rounds. But when the big breasted beauty spots Viking raiders rising from the mists, she tries to warn the village and takes an arrow for her troubles.

Now she's stuck hiding in a barn, with Vikings hot on her heels and nowhere to hide. Unable to run and with Vikings at the door, the scared girl hides among the cows in an attempt to go unnoticed. And when the men find her, naked and pouring milk from her large breasts, she has no choice but to submit to being Suckled by the Viking...

This 8,300 word short story contains a young woman being collared, milked, and humiliated by a Viking giant with a MASSIVE member. Intense scenes of historical violence and slavery, tempered by rough sex and rougher milkings, may upset some audiences.

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