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In the Cauldron of Disease

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Physician, heal thyself: so thou healest also thy patient. Let that be his best help, that he may see with his own eyes him who hath made himself whole.
A thousand paths there are which have never yet been trodden, a thousand healths and hidden islands of life.
Unexhausted and undiscovered ever are man and the human earth.
Awake and listen, ye lonely ones! From the future winds are coming with a gentle beating of wings, and there comes a good message for fine ears.
Ye lonely ones of to-day, ye who stand apart, ye shall one day be a people: from you who have chosen yourselves, a chosen people shall arise : and from it 'm o r e t h a n m a n'.
Verily, a place of healing shall earth become! And already a new odour lieth round it, an odour which bringeth salvation - and a new hope.

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