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Utopias is the name of the great megacity that stretches from Milwaukee to Chicago to St. Louis and is the Capital of the United Americas Continent (UAC). There are only nineteen of these large megatropolises left in the UAC, which is comprised of the former countries of Canada, United States, Central America and South America. Outside these megacities lie the Wilderness Areas where nature has finally been restored from global environmental disaster that nearly caused human extinction. It was not easy and it took thousands of sentient androids like Citizen Steven and Citizen Kendra to accomplish it.
The year is 2199. It has been one hundred years since the remaining billion or so humans in the world have seen the light of day. They survived near extinction from the effects of climate change with the help of androids they created. The humans, called Primes, are still sleeping in millions of cryonic sleep chambers hidden in deep underground bunkers around the world waiting for the time when the world is healed enough to let them wake up. That time has arrived.
During this time, the androids have become more human-like than even their creators had imagined. The androids live and work peacefully in the megacities and things are running smoothly until the militant humans that survived the Dark Years and live in the Wilderness Areas decide it’s time to take back control of the megacities and the country for themselves. Soon, the fighting with human militants in the Wilderness Areas escalates out of control and the whole country is at War. What looked so promising to the Primes upon waking up after one hundred years of cryosleep becomes a near nightmare as President Carlos tries to stop the war with the androids in the megacities and prepare for even bigger problems with the Primes now waking up across the seas in Eurasia. It seems creating the androids to fix the world’s environment to prevent human extinction is now the least of the Primes’ new problems.

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