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Young Sorceress: Book One: The Elves

444 pages6 hours


Rilla comes from a line of powerful sorceresses going back countless generations, all of them leaders in the ancient war against the elves. With talented bloodlines like that, Rilla should be the most powerful of them all.
But she has a problem: She can’t cast a single spell. Matters only get worse when her mother vanishes one day, abducted by their ancient enemy. When no one seems willing to risk their life to rescue her mother, Rilla decides to do it herself, though she’s young, inexperienced, and unprepared for the terrible dangers that lie ahead.
Ias, a failed fighter with problems of his own, finally agrees to join her on the journey through the hostile land of the elves. Together, they must face savage warriors, formidable magic, and insurmountable obstacles if they are to find Rilla’s mother before it’s too late.

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