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Fat Man and Littbo: Beneath the Atomic City

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The Manhattan Project’s Indispensable Man General Leslie R. Groves believed that to achieve success that he should start with superb and gifted people and that young people would normally be more energetic, confident, and curious and thus be more likely to work harder and longer.
General Groves was a career military engineer during World War II and was responsible for the construction of the Pentagon and numerous installations and factories that played major roles in the Manhattan Project’s making of the Atomic Bombs that were dropped on Japan in 1945.
Fat Man and Littbo…Beneath the ATOMIC CITY is a novel that describes the unlikely pairing of a teenage boy living in Oak Ridge, Tennessee with the famous General, and how everyday life twisted and turned until the entire secret mission unraveled at the seams and completely re-directed the outcome of the war effort.
The novel traces personal life in the Atomic City from illicit affairs, moonshining and bootlegging, secret underground bunkers, the purchase of 1200 tons of uranium ore from a warehouse in New York, and to the final military battles on the Island of Tinian, and the flight of the Enola Gay over Hiroshima, Japan.

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