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Leadership Master: Five Digital Trends to Leap Leadership Maturity

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Many think digital is the age of innovation. Digital is a disruption with rapidly increasing speed and hyperconnectivity to break down silos and rigid hierarchy. Digitalization implies the full-scale changes in the way business is conducted and society is running, and it starts with leadership innovation. The substance of leadership never changes, it’s all about making positive influences, and providing direction, both for oneself and others. Leadership is about CHANGE. It is a basic human ability to inspire self and others to look beyond limitations and make continuous improvement. This ability becomes a capability if we constantly nurture our basic human instincts of humility, curiosity, and creativity.

The purpose of Leadership Master - Five Digital Trends to Leap Leadership Maturity is to convey the vision of digital leadership, share the insight about leadership maturity, and summarize five emergent digital leadership trends:

-Thought Leadership: Thought Leaders are the ones who sense, feel, read, imagine and intuit possibilities in the digital paradigm shift, bring a new insight or perspective, and set a course for others to follow.

-Creative Leadership: Creative Leaders are the one who are able to think “out of the box,” capable of predicting future trends, manage the presence and delegate the past.

-Global Visionary Leadership: Visionary Leaders are the one who have the ability to paint a vivid picture, a vision of a future state and motivate others to achieve it.

-Inquisitive Leadership: Inquisitive Leaders lead by questioning, they are comfortable and confident in asking questions rather than only giving answers, to value collective wisdom and facilitate premium solutions.

-Profound Leadership: Profound Digital Leaders are the one who are able to grasp or comprehend information, amplify influence through leading deeper, to touch hearts and minds, to practice the power of pull, and to harmonize via positivity and intelligence.

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