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When the Water Falls

200 pages4 hours


It is 1971. Tom is seven years old and knows most of what he needs to know about his faith. Or, at least, he’s supposed to. But, after watching a woman kill herself, he soon learns that suicides are denied a Catholic burial and can never enter the Kingdom of God.
Cracks are beginning to appear in his ordered life ...
Then a fatal accident robs Tom of his mother and he and his brother are sent away to school. The move is intended to restore balance to their lives. Instead, it brings chaos and greater devastation.
Where indoctrination and childhood abuse collide, When the Water Falls is an Arts Council award-winning tale of a child struggling to cope with events, against a backdrop of the heaven and earth laid down for him. It is also the story of the man he then becomes, returning − years later − to call those worlds to account.
Literary, psychological, crime and, ultimately, very much thriller, this unsettling book crosses the boundaries of the genres to examine, in a unique and compelling light, some of the most disturbing issues of our times.

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