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We Are the Dead

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George Walburn has found no comfort beneath fate's umbrella. His life has been one of being gut-kicked and back-stabbed, and the only thing that he anticipates with any eagerness is death. But whatever gods there might be will not be denied their fun. The old voodoo witch doctor, Unk Maum, had told him so. Not even in the supposed serenity of the grave can George find solace.
And 'Scilla Walburn has a secret, one she hopes to keep hidden for the rest of her life. Fleeing to the idyllic town of Brighton, she finally feels safe and content from the storms of her previous life. She soon discovers that she is not the only one with a secret; the whole town is full of them. And they're not all unknown. Someone knows. Someone is keeping score, and the sins of all will be found out on one terrible night of atonement known as Let to Day...

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