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Becoming Nannan: The Transformation

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If you were given the choice between freedom versus being transformed into a beautiful breeding concubine to sexually please your enemy's race--which would you choose? This is exactly the question Lt. Sam Walker must face in the rollicking space erotica, Becoming Nannan.

Lt. Sam Walker, a fearsome coalition commander known for his bravery across the Five Galaxies, has been captured in a space-brothel by his sworn enemy Cin, leader of Nannan, an alien race of sexy, cow-like humanoids. Awoken from containment, Lt. Walker must stand trial for his crimes and face his sentence.

He expects to be executed on the spot, but, instead, he is offered a choice: his freedom or to join and serve Nannan--as a transformed concubine. The choice must come from his deepest desire. Will Sam choose freedom, or be swayed by the Cin's trickery?

"This is extremely exciting!"
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Ages 18+ Only. All characters are over 21 years of age and fictional.

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